Ad Agency Launches Progressive Solar Campaign

Palmer has been involved in solar marketing for over five years, working with a variety of solar clients in California.

San Francisco, CA and Phoenix, AZ - April 2013-- The Palmer Ad Agency, a San Francisco-based advertising and marketing firm with extensive experience in solar marketing, has launched the Arizona-based SouthFace Solar Electric advertising campaign they signed on to do in February.Screen_Shot_2013-04-22_at_3.07.10_PM

Palmer has been involved in solar marketing for over five years, working with a variety of solar clients in California. They have developed advertising and marketing campaigns in all media, including direct mail marketing, print, broadcast, blogging, email marketing and social media marketing.

"Our agency is very excited to be working with SouthFace Solar Electric," noted Drew Palmer, Agency Principal. "While we have many years of solar marketing experience, SouthFace has a unique set of challenges, and we will tailor our marketing recommendations to meet those challenges."

In 2012, the U.S. solar market grew 76%. With the increase in popularity of solar energy, more solar companies are seeing the importance in creating a competitive marketing strategy.

"Palmer understood our marketing needs and demonstrated the ability to meet those needs," stated Corey Garrison, owner of SouthFace Solar Electric. "They have in-depth solar experience, and they know how to maximize our budget and meet our goals for a maximum return on our investment."

Palmer has taken the approach of marketing solar as a purchase, rather than the typical industry trend of promoting leasing solar. When purchasing solar, consumers will receive cash dividends for many years to come, which they can use for everything from retirement to vacations to home improvement.

The initial campaign includes a complete website redesign, email marketing campaigns, an introductory video, social media and Internet marketing.

SouthFace Solar Electric serves the entire state of Arizona, and they focus on the design and installation of solar electric systems for residential and commercial locations that can stand up to the desert environment. They analyze each project and make specific recommendations to their clients, rather than taking a "one- size-fits-all" approach.

About SouthFace Solar Electric: Southface Solar Electric has 35 years of experience in renewable energy. Based in Phoenix, AZ, SouthFace Solar Electric was founded by Corey Garrison. SouthFace Solar Electric is aligned with several solar manufacturers, which allows them to operate within a range of competitive pricing and with a wide selection of products.

About Palmer: Drew Palmer founded the Palmer Ad Agency in September of 1987, 25 years ago. Through many changes in the industry, Drew has always been the client's primary contact and has grown his agency by applying his proven "Palmer Process" and, most importantly, listening to clients first. With offices in San Francisco and Stockton, California the agency feels very much at home in the Bay Area community.

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