KACO new energy presents new products and integrated solutions at Intersolar Europe 2013

Energy revolution for everyone

Neckarsulm, 22 April 2013 – With solutions from KACO new energy, operators of photovoltaic systems can do their part in the energy revolution: at this year's Intersolar Europe in Munich, the Neckarsulm-based inverter manufacturer will present products and solutions in this spirit. Innovations include the Powador-gridsave and the Powador-gridsave eco, two flexible energy storage and management systems for new and existing solar power systems. For the flagship project "Quartierspeicher Weinsberg" (Weinsberg local storage), which the company is presenting in-depth at the expo, KACO new energy has for the first time developed the entire electrical and thermal power management system. Three 3-phase inverters with AC outputs from 5 to 7.5 kVA round out the proven TL3 series with equipment for use in the residential sector. Two new units in the 500 kW class offer innovative technology for large solar power plants; each is available as an outdoor model and as an integrated power station in combination with transformers and separators. In addition, KACO new energy is announcing a new brand name in 2014 for its inverters: blueplanet.

The Powador-gridsave system is a fully integrated, turnkey energy storage and management system from KACO new energy: it combines batteries, control unit and inverter in a compact stand-alone housing. The system uses long-life lithium-ion batteries with a high depth of discharge. The batteries collect the solar energy during the day and feed the home power grid on a delayed basis so that the owner benefits from maximum power consumption. The battery capacity is variable: up to five modules, each with 1.35 kWh, can be incorporated in the housing as 19" plug-in units. The DC coupling makes the Powador-gridsave ideal for integration in new photovoltaic systems.

The Powador-gridsave eco is AC-coupled and is therefore the solution for upgrades of existing photovoltaic systems. The efficient control technology acts as a go-between for the inverter of the photovoltaic system, the battery and the public power grid. This bidirectional power manager thus ensures that the entire system operates with the highest level of efficiency. The capacity of the lead-acid batteries can be selected to meet your needs. With this modular approach, the Powador-gridsave eco provides maximum flexibility. A special highlight is the capacity to switch virtually without interruption to backup power in the event that the public grid fails. All activities can be viewed on a PC, and you can conveniently upgrade functions via remote access or USB stick.

The Powador 6.0 TL3, 7.8 TL3 and 9.0 TL3 round out the existing quartet of Powador 10.0 TL3 to 18.0 TL3 units. The AC outputs are 5 kVA, 6.5 kVA and 7.5 kVA. This allows the benefits of these 3-phase inverters to now be applied to smaller roof systems: the new units also have a wide input voltage range from 200 to 800 V, as well as two MPP trackers that are each able to process virtually all of the AC output. This allows users to overcome difficult configurations such as an east-west roof. An integrated web server, graphical display, update function via USB and a multilingual menu provide convenient operation and global applications.

The Powador XP500-HV TL outdoor and the XP550-HV TL outdoor are transformerless central inverters for PV generators up to 600 kW or 660 kW. Based on their IP54 protection class, they can be used outdoors. The no-load voltage of 1,100 V allows for a very flexible configuration of the devices. The peak efficiency is an extremely high 98.7 percent. These characteristics were behind the decision to use the Powador XP550-HV TL outdoor for the world's largest communal solar power plant with 400 MW output in San Antonio, Texas. Together with external transformers and separators on the DC and AC side, two XPs are mounted on a base plate to create a functional unit, the IPS (Integrated Power Station).

Under the name "Quartierspeicher Weinsberg" (Weinsberg local storage) a model settlement will go live in September 2013, in which photovoltaic systems will almost entirely cover the electricity demand and significantly contribute to the heat supply. To enable rapid charging and discharging of the central lithium-ion batteries, a newly developed bi-directional inverter with 120 kW from KACO new energy will be used. In addition, the company has for the first time implemented the entire power management solution for both electrical and thermal requirements. The project in Weinsberg provides the blueprint for a stand-alone solar energy supply, which could be used by other large consumers, such as hotels and industrial operations. It also sees KACO new energy at the beginning of a road toward implementing complex, highly integrated solutions for its customers.

Goodbye to Powador, blueplanet is coming: visitors to the KACO new energy booth at the expo are likely to be particularly keen for a preview of the new inverters for 2014. In the process of successful internationalisation, the company is re-branding its inverters so that they have a standard name globally: blueplanet. This name is already in use in North America – and it matches the company logo that is reminiscent of our blue planet as well. With the introduction of the new blueplanet brand name, KACO new energy will also name the inverters based on their AC output. New products that the company will be presenting with the new nomenclature at Intersolar Europe include single-phase, transformerless inverters for the residential sector up to 4.6 kVA AC output as well as a 3-phase, transformerless unit with 60 kVA. The booth staff will be happy to inform visitors about further innovations and new products that revolve around the blueplanet.

Look for KACO new energy at Intersolar Europe in Munich from June 19-21, 2013 at stand B5.310. The company will present its storage solutions directly next door at stand B5.410.

About KACO new energy:

KACO new energy is one of the world's largest manufacturers of grid-tie inverters for feeding solar energy. The company offers a comprehensive range of inverters for PV systems for everything from single-family homes to multi-megawatt solar farms. KACO new energy is based in Neckarsulm, Germany and has been producing inverters with a cumulative capacity of nearly six gigawatts since 1999. KACO new energy was the first company in the photovoltaic industry to manufacture inverters (the Powador model) using CO2-neutral production methods. In addition to grid-tie and battery-based solar inverters, the company also supplies inverters for combined heat and power plants and concentrator modules as well as energy storage systems for solar power plants.

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