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Munich, June 17, 2013 – The Intersolar Europe Conference 2013 kicks off today at the ICM – International Congress Center in Munich, bringing experts from the international solar industry to the Bavarian capital. Up until June 20, around 400 speakers and 2,000 attendees are set to discuss the latest trends, new applications and the future of the international markets. In particular, attendees benefit from first-hand knowledge about all of the world's growth markets, shared by industry experts in Munich. In addition to photovoltaics and solar thermal technologies, one of this year's focus topics is innovative energy storage systems, which also have a dedicated exhibition segment at Intersolar Europe this year. The conference is also complemented by a multitude of side events. The conference program expands on and consolidates the topics presented at Intersolar Europe, the world's largest exhibition for the solar industry, taking place at Messe München from June 19–21.

Two days before Intersolar Europe on June 17, 2013, the Intersolar Europe Conference launches the solar industry's expert meeting. The presentations and discussions on the topics of photovoltaics, PV production technologies, energy storage systems and solar thermal technologies revolve around important issues and trends in the industry. International experts from research institutions, industry and associations are set to attend and elaborate on the exhibition topics. Various networking events also provide numerous opportunities to meet international industry representatives and strengthen existing contacts.

Conference highlights: PV Executive Panel and General Session on the energy transition

The PV Executive Panel is one of the conference highlights, taking place on the second conference day, June 18. The panel deals with topics on the solar industry's global growth strategies, the assessment of new markets, technologies and business models in the industry, as well as the current political framework conditions in Europe and the role of national and international industrial policies. The podium's panelists are Ewald Schindlbeck, Director of Wacker Polysilicon, Wacker Chemie AG, Bernhard Beck, Managing Director of Belectric Solarkraftwerke GmbH, Dr. Ulrich Spiesshofer, Head of Discrete Automation and Motion Division at ABB Schweiz AG and Pierre-Pascal Urbon, Chief Executive Officer of SMA Solar Technology AG.

The presentation by Jürgen Trittin, the former Federal Environment Minister and one of the founding fathers of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), is a particular highlight at the General Session on Wednesday, June 19. The presentation on That′s Energy Transition - 100% Renewable Energy! takes place in room 14 B at the ICM from 10:30am to 10:45am. The current status of the energy transition and the technological challenges involved also form the focus in further contributions at the General Session. Experts from the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) in Freiburg and the German Solar Industry Association (BSW-Solar) in Berlin look at what the increasing amounts of on-site consumption of solar power mean for the energy market from the perspective of research and associations.

New conference section on energy storage

In response to the growing importance of energy storage, the topic has been dedicated its own focus area at the conference for the first time this year. Current market developments and political framework conditions, technologies and best practice from various application areas are discussed over two days. The area of focus is opened on Monday, June 17, with several sessions providing an overview of the market. This is followed by presentations on the features and applications of various storage technologies on the market. The sessions on June 18 mainly focus on best practice experiences with different storage systems and technologies and their future potential.

Under the spotlight: Growth markets in MENA and South America

The afternoon of June 19 is dedicated to the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). Dr. Steffen Erdle, Senior Adviser of the Energy Division at the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfMS), in Barcelona, Spain, explains the importance of the Mediterranean Solar Plan (MSP). The subsequent presentations cover the region's key countries, such as Israel, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The emerging region of South America forms the focus on June 17. Josefin Berg, Senior Research Analyst at IHS Solar in Barcelona, Spain, outlines the strategies and opportunities in Latin American PV markets, while Jose Colaferro, Founder and Managing Partner of Blue Sol Energia Solar in Brazil, takes a closer look at the Brazilian solar market.

New business models for the solar industry

In addition to new markets, the conference also shines the spotlight on new business models. Manufacturers and distributors can respond to the cuts in feed-in tariffs by offering systems for the growing market of on-site consumption. Utility companies and community energy cooperatives also present new opportunities both on a local and a regional level. On June 18 from 10:00am–3:30pm, the Intersolar Europe Conference double session on New Business Models for the PV Industry sheds light on these topics.


The challenges created by the rising share of solar power in the power grids are discussed at the German Forum on the EU project, PV GRID. Project participants examine the technical and legal requirements for integrating photovoltaics into national distribution grids as efficiently as possible. On Thursday, June 20 from 9:30am–6:00pm, experts from the German Solar Industry Association and representatives of the other 21 international PV GRID partners, including many national solar associations and grid operators, discuss the issue.

Solar thermal technology

This year, seven sessions are dedicated to the topic of solar thermal technologies. A morning session on June 18 focuses on general global and regional market developments in solar thermal technologies. On the morning of June 20, international developments brought about by electricity from solar thermal power stations come to the fore. Other sessions expand on the key topics of large-scale solar thermal plants, heat storage, industrial process heat and heating and air conditioning in buildings using solar thermal technology.

Intersolar Europe 2013 takes place from June 19–21 at Messe München.

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