South of France: Conergy builds solar park and carport plants totalling 4.6 MW

City Hall of La Fare-les-Oliviers and energy provider rely on Conergy system solutions

Hamburg / Brignoles, 17 June 2013 – Conergy completed two orders for installations in La Fare-les-Oliviers, a village near Aix-en-Provence in the South of France. On the one hand, the PV solution provider constructed a 4.5 MW solar park to the southeast of the village for a local grid operator and energy provider. Conergy thereby expanded its strategic partnerships with energy providers in France as well. On the other hand, Conergy realised two carport plants totalling 100 kilowatt capacity for the village, which will simultaneously provide shade for 56 cars in the summer heat of the Provence.

4.5 megawatt for grid operator: Conergy expands collaboration with energy providers
Conergy acted as main contractor for this 4.5 megawatt solar power plant for investor UEM, the grid operator and power utility company of the city of Metz. UEM has mandated Conergy both with the planning and engineering of the power plant as well as with the construction, the supply of the components and the subsequent maintenance and operational management of the 9.5 hectare solar park. Since completion of the construction work in May, 18,000 Conergy "P Series" modules are producing some 6,500 megawatt hours of clean solar power every year. This is enough to supply more than 1,800 homes in the Provence.

An official ceremony will take place on 17 June, during which representatives of Conergy and UEM and the village mayor of La Fare-les-Oliviers inaugurate the plant.

France MD Pflieger: "Outlook promising once again despite high competitive pressure."
"With its decision to increase both, market volume and subsidies, the government has given a boost to the solar sector," said Philippe Pflieger, Managing Director of Conergy in France. "Although the economic situation in this country remains tense, we believe that these steps will restore a good outlook for solar energy in our country. But the competitive pressure remains high. That makes it all the more pleasing that both energy providers and local authorities are putting their trust in our high-quality solar systems and that we were able to secure not just one but two important orders under these circumstances."

Conergy carports provide green power as well as shade for 56 vehicles in the Provence
With around 1,800 kilowatt hours per square metre annually, La Fare-les-Oliviers benefits from one of the highest levels of insolation in the whole of France. The local authority therefore decided to use the power of the sun to generate green power – and simultaneously provide shade in the summer. The two carports of the town hall offer shade for 56 vehicles and provide a roof surface of 740 square metres. On this surface, the solar experts from Conergy installed two solar plants with a total capacity of 100 kilowatt in collaboration with Sunalp, which acted as main contractor on the project. Conergy supported its long-time partner with both the planning and the roof integration and it also supplied the 420 Conergy "P Series" modules and six Conergy IPG15T inverters. The plant produces around 127 megawatt hours a year, sufficient to supply around 36 households of La Fare-les-Oliviers. At the same time, the power plant prevents the emission of some 12 tonnes of damaging CO2 in this holiday region in the Provence.

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