Leading UK biomass expert Rural Energy launches a programme of free events, providing advice and insight into the technology, and information on how businesses can benefit from biomass boiler technology.

Leading UK biomass technology expert Rural Energy has launched a programme of free events to deliver the facts about biomass to businesses and organisations across the UK.

The programme announced by the East Midlands-based company will make its experts available to give help and advice and a real insight into how the technology works and is developing.

They also offer detailed information on how businesses and organisations can benefit from the latest biomass boiler technology.

Rural Energy, a Myriad CEG company, is one of the UK's most experienced biomass installers. Specialising in systems for every kind of application, the Rural Energy team offer unrivalled technological expertise and customer service.

With 10 years' experience gained at the forefront of biomass technology, the Rural Energy team has experience in installing in excess of 116MW to the UK to date, more than 500 commercial systems across the country.

The programme, which will run across the UK during the next year, will start with a June webinar and two free July breakfast seminars.

Biomass for the Built Environment – Adaptive Solutions for Inner City Developments will take place at 8am Tuesday July 2 at the Birmingham National Motorcycle Museum.

It will be hosted by Alex Pickering, a Business Development Manager at Rural Energy whose area of expertise is the integration of biomass into the built environment and rural development. Alex will be discussing the development of biomass solutions for urban areas and the impact of the upcoming Renewable Heat Incentive tariff changes.

For more details and to register for the event, which also includes complementary admission to the museum, contact

The second breakfast seminar will take place at the Building Centre in Central London on Wednesday July 10th, starting at 8am.

The theme of this event is Biomass Applications for the Urban Landscape and it will be led by Matt Scully, Rural Energy's South East Business Development Manager.

He will be discussing the successful application of the renewable technology in town and city areas and developments and will discuss how the Renewable Heat Incentive tariff changes will affect you. For more details and to register for the event contact

A third Rural Energy expert will be on hand with information and to answer questions at a webinar on Wednesday June 26th at 2pm.

The event is entitled Sustainable Design Utilising Biomass Technology and during it Julian Marris will discuss important site requirements and design considerations.

This free webinar lasts for an hour and Julian will also be discussing the importance of design and technical support, solid fuel choices and Herz biomass boiler capacities and systems. To register go to

Paul Clark, Managing Director of Midlands-based Rural Energy, said: "We hope people will come away from the events with a clearer understanding of the technology and how it is implemented, as well as what to consider when designing a project."

"Our aim is to give consultants, construction specialists and all those interested in biomass heating a valuable insight into biomass and what it can deliver for them."

Rural Energy is an MCS accredited company and its full range of smaller boilers (up to 45kW in size) are also MCS certified.

Founded in 2002, Rural Energy and its 38-strong workforce has unrivalled technical knowledge and is committed to the best technology.

Its clients include local authorities, health providers, education authorities and the National Trust.

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