Renusol presents east/west mounting system at Intersolar 2013

East/west systems produce more constant levels of power throughout the day

Cologne, June 25, 2013 – Renusol presented its new east/west mounting system for flat roofs and ground-mounted installations at Intersolar 2013. The Cologne-based mounting systems manufacturer also showcased the latest developments made to its MetaSole system for mounting photovoltaics on trapezoidal metal sheet roofs. The system has been adapted to better suit the needs of installers and is now even quicker to assemble than ever before.

The east/west system is a new and improved version of Renusol's tried-and-tested ConSole+ and allows additional modules to be installed between existing rows of modules without special mounting frames, resulting in higher yields being generated across the same surface area. East/west systems produce more constant levels of power throughout the day than solar installations oriented towards the south, easing the burden on the power grid and making them highly suitable for on-site consumption. Moreover, the flat mounting angle of 15 degrees reduces both shading losses and wind loads.

"By developing our east/west system, we have improved one of our most proven products. Since being introduced to the market 15 years ago, ConSole, which was Renusol's first ever mounting system, has sold around 2.5 million units", reports Stefan Ast, Head of Marketing at Renusol GmbH, which is headquartered in Cologne and represented across Europe and the USA. "We have also enhanced MetaSole to make it even quicker to install. We work closely with our clients and engage in active exchange with them to adapt our products even more closely to their needs."

MetaSole enables framed photovoltaic modules to be mounted exceptionally quickly on aluminium and steel trapezoidal metal sheet roofs. Only a few components are required and the modules are fixed without the need for long mounting rails. The base thickness of the rails has now been increased to 5 mm, making the system more stable even in the event of heavy snow loads. Moreover, a new type of screw has made mounting with MetaSole even easier. The system now boasts a screw head that breaks off as soon as the predefined torque is achieved, resulting in photovoltaic arrays being fastened securely to the roof. Another new feature is an adhesive strip which has been added to the underside of the clamp bases. This means that installers do not have to hold onto the clamp base while screwing it into the roof, making the process even safer and reducing installation times further.

Photos of the east/west system and MetaSole can be found at:

About Renusol
Renusol GmbH has specialized in sophisticated solutions for installing photovoltaic systems since 1997. The company develops, manufactures and sells modular systems for the installation of both ground-mounted solar systems and systems for roofs of any kind. As a full subsidiary of Centrosolar Group AG, Renusol complements the overall portfolio of this one-stop supplier for photovoltaic systems, and its systems and additional services are represented in all the key markets in Europe and the USA. The company's headquarters are located in Cologne.

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