Launches Exclusive Line of Solar Generators for Emergency Preparedness and Backup Power

Solar Generators have the capacity, mobility & reliability needed for emergency backup & off-grid electricity at work or home this storm season.

Reno, Nv June 26, 2013

The new 2500 watt solar generator by AIMS Power comes fully-connected as an all-in-one power system, and it's assembled in America to be a solution for emergency backup power and sustainable living.

A solar generator is the perfect answer to hurricane season, which during 2012 left more than eight million homes without power in the United States and during 2011 caused more than 9 million power outages in the Caribbean, U.S. and Canada.

It's now time to prep for this year's storm season, because it started early with the coming of tropical storms Andrea and Barry, which hit during early June.

Tropical Storm Barry left more than 26,0000 homes without power in Mexico's state of Yucatán, flooded 60 homes and affected 300 people in Honduras and displaced 54 people living in Hope Creek, Belize.

This solar generator can provide the backup electricity needed in the event of an outage with two 12 volt, 100 amp hour deep cycle batteries that come connected in series to create a 24 volt battery bank that stores up to 100 amp hours of DC Power.

"After Hurricane Sandy, and even Hurricane Irene the year before, our phones were ringing off the hook with people in need of emergency backup power systems for their homes and businesses," said general manager of, Michael Shepherd. "We could barely handle all the requests between explaining which products would be needed and how to connect them all in harmony to create the power system."

"This solar generator makes things easier for the user and us by coming as a fully-assembled, stand-alone unit."

The storage, combined with the 2500 watt power inverter included with these solar generators, makes the system powerful enough to run some lights, a refrigerator, space heater, sump pump, and more for several hours or even days if the electricity is delegated sparingly.

Batteries can then be recharged using easily deployable 240 watt solar panels that are included. The solar generator can be purchased with two, four or six solar panels, and even if the sun covered is by clouds, the panels will still absorb a charge for the batteries.

This means that it's nearly impossible to run out of energy, especially since there's no refueling like a typical gas or diesel powered generator needs. It can be dangerous traveling anywhere in the aftermath of a serious storm even if just to the gas station. This is seriously demonstrated by post-hurricane car accident fatality records

Harnessing the energy of the sun means that in the event of an outage, users are able to stay safe in their homes while harvesting usable power.

However, the product can also be purchased without solar panels since the batteries can be recharged using the 30 amp 24 volt smart battery charger (AC to DC converter) included in this unit. This allows charging of the batteries wherever AC electricity is available.

The alternative to a solar generator, which is a gas powered generator, is far more expensive, much noisier, requires more maintenance and pollutes the Earth.

When deciding on an option for off-grid, backup and/or mobile electricity, this solar generator by AIMS Power proves to be the most lucrative and responsible option available on the market today.

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