Fronius impresses with numerous innovations

The 512 m2 Fronius stand proved to be a real magnet for many visitors to Intersolar 2013. Under the motto "Smart Grid Ready", quality leader Fronius presented its many innovations. Recent recipients of the Plus X Award, the Fronius Galvo and Fronius Symo inverters certainly drew in the crowds.

A further highlight on the trade fair stand was the Fronius hybrid inverter - an individual storage solution for photovoltaic systems.

"Fronius has declared 2013 as the year of innovations. In addition to numerous new products, we will also be introducing a raft of new features to the market. All our innovations are designed to fulfil the Fronius vision of 24 hours of sun. This represents the future of power generation in the decades ahead," explains Martin Hackl, head of the Fronius Solar Electronics division.

To achieve 24 hours of sun' we need smart grids, smart consumers and smart inverters. Smart in this context above all means communicative. Fronius inverters already boast a comprehensive range of communication tools. Communication takes place with a number of partners: with end customers, domestic appliances, service engineers and grid operators.
Fronius inverters are Smart Grid Ready
Smart Grid Ready means that the inverters are integrated into the power grid and into the information infrastructure of the future. Fronius inverters provide the necessary interfaces for this purpose and enable the 1remote configuration of all smart functions. This ensures the continuing operation of the energy system in a future with a high density of photovoltaic systems.

"Fronius inverters already possess what we call Advanced Grid Features (AGFs). Control functions for reactive and effective power, such as a voltage-dependent power-regulating feature, allow the load on the grid to be reduced while safeguarding the yield at the same time," explains Martin Heidl of Solar Electronics System Technology at Fronius International GmbH.

WLAN interface integrated as standard
"Inverters are facing new challenges. They should not just contribute to higher levels of self-consumption, but also communicate wirelessly with their owners, consumers and power grids, and respond according to their needs," notes Martin Hackl, head of the Solar Electronics division at Fronius International GmbH.

The new Fronius Galvo and Fronius Symo inverters are the first inverters to offer a built-in WLAN interface as standard. If no cable is to be installed or if cable installation is not possible, then the system data can be downloaded via WLAN using a smartphone (Fronius Solar.web app) or a PC (Fronius Solar.web). On this topic, Fronius also presented the new Fronius Solar.web and the new apps for Android, Blackberry and iOS. These modern applications aroused a great deal of interest among the trade fair crowd and were particularly praised for their user-friendliness and the engaging manner in which the data is presented.

Fronius hybrid inverter - an individual storage solution
The Fronius hybrid inverter is a core component of the 24 hours of sun' vision. It provides short-term storage of PV power. The device wins praise for its modular inverter and battery design as well as the individually variable storage capacities. Market launch of the inverter is scheduled for 2014.

Fronius Galvo and Fronius Symo win Plus X Award
In early June, the Fronius Galvo and Fronius Symo inverters received the biggest innovation prize for technology in the world. In the Energy product group, they scooped the award in no less than three categories: High Quality, Functionality and Ecology. The Fronius Galvo inverter was also named "Best product of the year 2013".

1Remotely entering or changing settings and set values (configuring) on the control device or the telecontrol modem via the internet or through a modem connection.

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