New Global Energy Adopts OriginOil Technology to Revitalize California Aquaculture Farms

OriginOil's water treatment solution selected after successful field testing at Aqua Farming Tech in Coachella Valley

LOS ANGELES -- OriginOil, Inc. (OTC/QB: OOIL), developer of Electro Water SeparationT, the high-speed, chemical-free way to clean up very large quantities of water, announced today that New Global Energy (OTC/QB: NGEY) will implement OriginOil's water sanitizing and algae production technology as part of its strategy to acquire and restart shuttered fish farms in the Coachella Valley region of Southern California.

"Following OriginOil's field demonstration earlier this month, we have concluded that this technology is a strategic asset in our drive to restart the California aquaculture industry," said Perry West, Chairman of New Global Energy. "We believe that this technology, combined with solar panels for energy and algae for fish feed, may give us the competitive advantage to produce highly profitable, highly nutritional California seafood."

New Global Energy's decision came on the heels of a highly successful demonstration at Aqua Farming Technology a leader in sustainable fish farming since 1993. The field test demonstrated OriginOil's Electro Water Separation (EWS) process can eliminate virtually all ammonia and bacterial infestations in fish pond water, and produce a stream of nitrogen-rich water to feed algae.

OriginOil published a video of the successful field test at
At the demonstration of OriginOil's system, Rocky French, veteran farm manager and aquaculture industry expert, said, "You're looking at the future of aquaculture. I wish we had started with this technology in the seventies. With this system, farmers like me can lower their operating costs and easily produce algae pellets, which make healthier fish at much lower cost."

By adopting EWS to sanitize water in a continuous loop process, farms can free up valuable land lost to filtration ponds, and reduce or eliminate expensive chemicals and antibiotics. The system also allows fish farmers to quickly harvest algae and pelletize it for highly nutritious and cost-effective fish feed.

Following a wave of farm closures in 2007 and 2008 due to high energy and feed costs, new solutions for improving energy efficiency and the overall health of the ecosystem are essential to the future of California's aquaculture industry. New Global Energy plans to replicate the Aqua Farming Tech model to revitalize these defunct Coachella Valley fish farms with sustainable technologies, including renewable energy, and algae harvested using OriginOil's technology. The end goal is to reduce feed and electricity costs, while also dramatically improving the nutritional value and taste of farmed fish.

OriginOil's EWS will support Aqua Farming Tech's innovative farming practices, which span two sites across 120 acres in the Coachella Valley. The company was the first to generate a significant portion of its farm's power needs from solar energy and the first to implement a water recycling system to reduce fresh water consumption.

An Earth Island Institute report recently noted that world farmed fish production topped beef production in 2011 for the first time in human history. The gap widened in 2012, with output from fish farming-also called aquaculture-reaching a record 66 million tons, compared with production of beef at 63 million tons. This may be the first year on record that people eat more fish raised on farms than caught in the wild.

About OriginOil, Inc.
OriginOil has developed a breakthrough process for removing up to 99% of contaminants from the very large quantities of water used by the oil & gas, algae and other water-intensive industries. Unlike other technologies for dealing with highly diluted contaminants, the company's patent-pending Electro Water Separation™ system rapidly and efficiently removes organic material from large volumes of water without the need for chemicals. In oil & gas, OriginOil is helping to clean up frack and produced water more efficiently to reduce harm to the environment. For the algae industry, OriginOil is making large-scale harvest possible. And in aquaculture, OriginOil is helping improve yields and make seafood healthier by slashing levels of toxic ammonia and bacteria. For a world short on fresh water, OriginOil is the lower-cost and cleaner answer. To learn more about OriginOil®, please visit our website at

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