San Francisco, CA, July 9-11, 2013

NEWBURYPORT, Mass. (July 1, 2013) — Mersen, a global leader in the field of electrical protection, will display

its solar power solutions at Intersolar 2013 in San Francisco, CA, July 9-11, 2013.
As the market for solar energy continues to grow, the technology and equipment used to harness and distribute
photovoltaic power continues to evolve. Over the past several years, Mersen has invested countless resources,
expertise, and initiative contributing toward developing the proper codes, standards, and products mandated by
the solar power industry.

Recent innovations developed by Mersen include:

· USGM-HEL Fuseholders are equipped with industry-proven and patented CAGE CLAMP® technology.
Mersen is the first manufacturer to offer this technology in a power fuseholder. This screw-less, spring
pressure, wire termination technology has over 25 years of field experience and acceptance and can
reduce wire installation time and cost by up to 75%. CAGE CLAMP technology significantly improves
system reliability by maintaining a very low contact resistance easily withstanding corrosion, vibration, and
temperature cycling. The technology also eliminates the need for routine torque maintenance required by
standard screw-type terminations.

· HelioProtection fuse line, the industry's first UL 2579 listed range of dedicated photovoltaic fuses,
provides superior overcurrent protection at the combiner box and inverter levels and covers applications
ranging from 1 to 400A, up to 1500VDC. The enhanced fuse construction of the HelioProtection series
makes it ideal for continuous temperature and current cycling withstand adding to system longevity. Low
minimum breaking capacity capabilities of 1.35 times the fuse-rated current value allow for safe circuit
interruption under typical low-fault current conditions produced by PV arrays. The HelioProtection fuse
line includes the HP6M, HP10M, HP15M, HP6J, HP10J, HP10NH and HP15NH series.

· PV String Monitoring Solution: In mid- and large-scale photovoltaic (PV) installations, it is mandatory to
properly monitor the string level production over time to guarantee long term power performance by
maximizing energy production, optimizing facility management, and decreasing operations and
maintenance costs. Mersen delivers a string monitoring solution to be installed in the string combiner box.

· Surge-Trap Modular and Pluggable Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) are specifically designed with
the photovoltaic industry in mind. Surge-Trap Modular and Pluggable SPDs are DIN-rail mountable and
feature Mersen's patented TPMOV® technology inside. No additional overcurrent protection required.

Visit Mersen at booth # 9116 to speak with a Mersen representative and to learn more about Mersen's solar
power solutions.

About Mersen
Mersen, formerly Ferraz Shawmut, is worldwide expert in high-performance materials for extreme environments
and in the reliability and safety of electrical installations. Drawing on a century of experience—and an ongoing
commitment to critical research in electrical safety— it provides industrial, commercial, and OEM customers with
innovative products and unsurpassed technical support. The electrical and circuit protection division provides a
comprehensive line of current-limiting fuses (low voltage, general purpose, medium voltage, semiconductor,
miniature and glass, and special purpose) and accessories, fuse blocks and holders, power distribution blocks,
low voltage disconnect switches, surge protection, high power switches, laminated bus bar, heatsinks, and more.
Amp-Trap® High-Speed Class J (HSJ) fuses, TPMOV® Technology, and the SmartSpot® open-fuse indicator are a
few of the company's latest innovations. For more information, call 978-462-6662 or visit HUhttp://ep-us.mersen.comUH.

Featured Product

RBI Solar - Dahlia Has You Covered

RBI Solar - Dahlia Has You Covered

What if you could maximize the Ground Coverage Ratio (GCR) on your next project and not have to worry about the complicated variables that come with a tracker system? With a low tilt and clearance design, Dahlia® has the highest GCR of any fixed-tilt system in the marketplace. The system is available in three tilt options (7.5, 10 and 12.5 degrees) and designed to accommodate any sized PV module. The lightweight system is engineered with fewer components, several of which are shipped to job sites pre-assembled. This design feature reduces freight costs and rapidly trims the amount of on-site installation time required to complete construction. Maximizing PV coverage on a site can lead to an increase of production, which creates greater financial return for project owners. Over 100 MW of Dahlia® projects have been deployed across the United States, in regions of variable snow and wind loads. How much can Dahlia® cover and save you on your next project?