Argosy Wind Power Renounces False Sales Ban by Wind Turbine Competitor: No Sales Ban Ever Existed

Argosy Wind Power's turbine manufacturing competitor published misleading information to the media stating Argosy was blocked from selling wind turbines. Official court documents prove the sales ban announcement is false: karma smiles on Argosy as community wind turbine sales increase globally.

SOLON, OH (July 15, 2013) –Argosy Wind Power, Ltd, a global community wind power leader, is continuing to turn heads in the industry. One of 2013's positive results has been Argosy's successful resolution of a civil lawsuit filed in 2012 (Case C 05 0619 of the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas) that has allowed Argosy to quickly move on and continue to conduct business as usual.

"Although Argosy consented to a non-monetary injunction, it had no impact on our proprietary designs nor the strategic direction of our business. The injunction only prohibits the use of certain identified design features that were never part of our AW 50 design. Further, the Judge specifically recognized Argosy's right to make and sell turbines that do not include those design features. The publicly available [injunction document __title__ Official Argosy Wind Court Injunction] makes clear that Argosy has no other restrictions on any business activities. Argosy and its authorized representatives are the only ones who can speak intelligently to our products, their capabilities, and our daily business activities," states Argosy's President and CEO Jeff Milbourn.

Wind Energy Rebates & Customer Transparency

"With the aid of FIT tariffs and the ability to deliver product as promised, we've been able to quickly grab market share. Our engineering, service and sales teams stand ready to work with our valued existing customers and those seeking to deploy our innovative AW 50 and AW 20 turbines. When you're honest with people about your products and capabilities, it goes a long way," Milbourn adds.

Argosy's geographic footprint is growing. "We have a rapidly expanding dealer network through Europe and now in the United States as well. In a short period of time, we've demonstrated the ability to deliver an innovative and reliable product. As a new company in the community wind industry, Argosy's had a lot to prove to dealers who have experienced with other companies disappointment caused by late deliveries, lack of service and unfulfilled promises. We've worked very diligently to become partners with our local dealers to ensure our AW 50 turbines installed across the globe. are working reliably," said Argosy's Executive Vice President of Sales and COO Gerry Sposato.

Building Wind Turbines to IEC Standards

Argosy also had the [AW50 wind turbine __title__ AW 50 kW Wind Turbine] tested by TUV NEL, Glasgow, Scotland in accordance with IEC 61400 11:2002, IEC/TS 61400-14:2005 Wind Turbines – Part 14, ISO 17025:2005, AWEA 9.1 - 2009 standards for acoustic noise output of a wind turbine. "In many countries, the distance that a wind turbine can be installed from a house or other structure is based upon the amount of acoustic noise the turbine produces at a certain wind speed. As a result, many wind turbines may not be installed in small land areas as they produce noise above the required levels. However, the Argosy AW50 has proven to be one of the quietest wind turbines on the market in this size range," said Argosy's Senior Vice President of Engineering John Rexford.

Despite rhetoric spread to the contrary, Argosy is aggressively selling and installing wind turbines. If you are interested in becoming a dealer, distributor or owner of Argosy turbines anywhere in the world please visit our website at or contact Gerry Sposato.

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