The Energy Reform Will Repower Mexico- We Will Not Give Up

Ahead of Mexico's hotly anticipated energy reform David Pencheyna, President of the Senate Energy Commission, inaugurated the Mexican International Renewable Energy Congress, highlighting the importance of renewables in Mexico's future energy mix.

Ahead of Mexico's hotly anticipated energy reform David Pencheyna, President of the Senate Energy Commission, inaugurated the Mexican International Renewable Energy Congress, highlighting the importance of renewables in Mexico's future energy mix.

Senator Pencheyna stated that whilst Mexico has always relied heavily on oil for both energy supply and export, output has slowly decreased and renewable energy is now vitally important in securing a viable energy future.

The development of a strong political and legal framework to ensure the sound deployment of renewable energy is a great priority of the reform, especially as international developers are now tuned in to Mexico's great solar and wind potential.

The reform will also focus on the potential of renewable energy to play an active role in the country's economic development, much in the way the telecommunications reform created a competitive national framework: "We are devoting a lot to this movement and creating incentives to improve the GDP. This will help generate jobs in the energy sector and reduce our deficit over the next two decades. It is important to create public and private partnerships to encourage investment in our country. Overall, we are increasing our awareness and improving our education to better our national products".

The Senator closed the inauguration acknowledging the importance of renewable development for future generations: "When we look face to face with our children and grandchildren we realize we have a great level of responsibility to them."

MIREC 2013 also welcomed representatives from SENER and SENARMAT to further discuss the PRI's vision for renewable development. Ramon Olivias from the Secretary of Electricity noted that: "the administration would like to get to 43 GW of renewable energy online over the next 15 years- to do this we need to improve and streamline the grid. The Administration supports renewable energy development, and is working in close collaboration with other energy sector agencies."

Carlos Ortiz, from the Secretary of Energy Transition and Planning, noted that in addition to studies the issue of an aging workforce also needs to be addressed, with some 2700 technicians in the energy sector about to retire: "There is great potential in all sectors of energy to generate jobs. 10 GW a year of new generation equates to 33,000 jobs. We are investing in research and development to increase renewable energy employment."

The optimism felt by the country's new administration for the potential of renewable energy to provide Mexico with a sustainable and prosperous future was echoed throughout the next 2 days of the event, with contributions from over 80 speakers including Comisin Reguladora de Energa (CRE)
Energy Commission of Baja California, President of the Congress of Tamaulipas, Wal- Mart, Nestl Group Mexico, Gauss Energia, SunEdison, Acciona, Enel Green Power and Iberdrola. For more information about the event visit

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Last month's 2nd annual Mexican International Renewable Energy Congress (MIREC) welcomed over 550 renewable energy experts to discuss the latest updates in the Mexican market and network with decision makers from 21 countries .The event has grown to be the country's largest renewable energy event and next year will cover solar, wind, bio energy and geothermal energy. Please visit for more information.

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