Clenergy's SPS three-phase grid-connected inverters accredited by TV

TV Rheinland has recently accredited Clenergy's SPS three-phase grid-connected inverters. The new 500kVA model is now in the final stage of development and is expected to launch in China this October. The SPS line will be used in a number of projects in China's Yunnan province this year

Clenergy, the solar park solution provider, recently announced that TV Rheinland accredited its SPS three-phase grid-connected inverters, including the SPS50, SPS100 and SPS200 models.

Clenergy CTO Simon Wall led Clenergy's global R&D team through a three-year project to develop the SPS series of inverters. The SPS team registered several international patents in the development stage and the final product measures up to the industry's leading technical standards. Key achievements include a conversion efficiency as high as 98.7 percent and an MPPT efficiency of 99.9 percent.

The SPS line features a wide input range (up to 850VDC) with an outstandingly high conversion efficiency rate, permitting it to work with almost any device. High-performance components and optimized software and hardware design guarantee that Clenergy SPS inverters run safely and stably, even in harsh environments. In addition, a full range of communications ports and various data communication modes allow the user to monitor the SPS inverter in real-time. The modular design of SPS inverters eases installation and maintenance. Small in size and light in weight, any installer will find SPS friendly to use.

"TV certification will further enhance the competitiveness of Clenergy's inverter products in the global PV market", said Simon Wall, "the newest addition to our SPS line, a 500kVA model for large-scale utility projects, is now in the final stage of development and is expected to launch in China this October." He also revealed that the SPS line will be used in a number of projects in China's Yunnan province this year.

About Clenergy:
Clenergy International is a leading Sino-Australian joint venture in the solar PV industry, providing high quality, versatile solar PV mounting products and solutions for commercial, residential and utility-scale customers. Headquartered in Xiamen, China, with branch offices in Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States, its inverters and power electronics equipment are supplied with full local technical and service support. An ISO 9001 accredited company, all Clenergy's products comply with international standards. By focusing on quality, innovation and service, Clenergy have been able to achieve rapid growth and build a strong international reputation. Clenergy maintains long-term strategic partnerships with many leading companies in the solar PV industry. Through its partners, Clenergy supplies products and solutions in more than 19 countries around the world. For more information, please visit

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