Heat pump specialist Econic is hosting a free event on August 13, giving the chance to visit two heat pump installations and speak with technology specialists.

Leading UK heat pump specialist Econic is to hold a seminar allowing businesses and the education sector to see for themselves how renewable energy technology can cut carbon emissions and save them money.

The free event, on Tuesday August 13, will give delegates the chance to visit two heat pump installations as well as speak directly to technology specialists.

Econic, a Myriad CEG company, is one of the UK's leading designers and installers of innovative ground source heat pump (GSHP) solutions for heating and cooling projects across the country.

It has just launched a new recruitment drive for engineers as its order book continues to grow on the back of a host of successful installations and its recognised technical leadership in the field.

The seminar will begin at Swavesey Village College in Cambridgeshire, a college and academy school with 1,200 pupils.

It has invested £115,000 in a system which is generating an annual CO2 saving of 76,304kg and a projected saving of £460,000 on fuel compared to oil over its 35-year lifespan.

The project highlights the efficiency, reliability, longevity and low maintenance aspects of heat pump technology.

The seminar will include the opportunity to speak to Econic's technical specialists including Managing Director Rob Gardiner.

Mr Gardiner will hold a presentation in the morning discussing the benefits for the college and the exhibition centre, followed by a Q&A session.

Econic's industry experts will also demonstrate how ground source heat pumps are ideal for education and infrastructure heating purposes and how it has saved each site money on their heating bills every year, compared to a traditional heating system.

Delegates will then be taken to nearby Longstanton Exhibition Centre, a low carbon waiting room and exhibition space constructed by Cambridgeshire County Council at its Longstanton Park & Ride facility.

The relatively small building contains a £19,000 heat pump system which generates an annual CO2 saving of 2,975kg and a fuel saving of £69,000 compared to oil over 35 years.

Econic Managing director Rob Gardiner said: "The event is aimed at providing information to mechanical and electrical engineers, consultants and designers, main and building contractors, estate and facilities managers, sustainability and energy officers and anyone else with a project looking at renewable heating, cooling or combined heating and cooling.

"It is not to be missed for anyone interested in ground source heat pump technology and design.

"The presentations on the day will include updates to the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) tariffs from the Government as well as the financial and environmental benefits of installing heat pumps for heating, cooling or combined heating and cooling.

"It will be dedicated to learning about ground source heat pump technology, basic design considerations and which solution is best for your project."

For more information and to register, please email

In addition to heat pumps, Myriad CEG also provides biomass heating systems and solar PV systems.

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