The development incorporates three venues: the Flying Elk pub; Gaston, a small wine bar; and the Corner Club, a chic cocktail bar.

The Flying Elk is a newly opened gastro pub in Stockholm developed by the owners of Frantzen-Lindeberg, the multi-award winning Stockholm restaurant. Built at a cost of £2.5m the development incorporates three venues: the Flying Elk pub; Gaston, a small wine bar; and the Corner Club, a chic cocktail bar. Music is a central part of the entertainment in all three venues, and Genelec 4030/4040 and 8040/8030 series loudspeakers ensure first-class sound reproduction in this challenging audio environment.

Located in Stockholm old town, The Flying Elk is close to the original two Michelin star Frantzen-Lindeberg restaurant, which, with its renowned blend of Nordic and Asian cuisine, is one of Scandanavia's leading culinary establishments. The Flying Elk takes the Frantzen-Lindeberg ethos of exceptional food and a unique customer experience and extends it to a concept based around an English-style gastro pub. An extensive refurbishment was carried out to create the three separate areas (pub, wine bar and cocktail club) with a complete redesign of layout and interiors gives each area a distinct and unique identity.

Jouni Niemi of 08 Audio, a Stockholm-based audio installation specialist, was able to design an audio scheme that blends excellent sound reproduction in all areas, with user-friendly operation and performance. With a background in studio and club music, Niemi was already familiar with Genelec speakers, having worked with them for a number of years. One of the main benefits of using Genelec on this project, alongside the audio performance, was the Genelec active monitor concept. With integral amplifiers, the Genelec 4040 and 4030 were able to overcome the lack of room needed for rack space, and the associated thermal management challenges which are common to many audio-visual installations. Furthermore, with their installation-friendly features and excellent sound reproduction, the 4000 Series were the ideal products to deliver the playback quality demanded by the owners.

"In any hospitality establishment, floor space is a valuable commodity and every square foot possible needs to be customer facing," says Jouni Niemi. "By using Genelec monitors we were able to cut back on rack space and not have to deal with the ventilation challenges a large rack presents. Also the owners wanted to establish the Flying Elk as a must-visit establishment in as shorter time as possible. Good music offering is a great way to differentiate from the competition and pull in the crowds. With Genelec, playback is top quality with no unwelcome resonances when you turn the volume up high. Although the Flying Elk has just opened, it has already established itself on the Stockholm social circuit."

08 Audio installed 1400 meters of Klotz XLR Cable throughout the three separate venues. The system is tied together by 2 x Biamp Nexia SP digital signal processors. Music is streamed to the three venues with separate Spotify playlists set up to reflect the individual identity of each venue. For maximum ease-of-use and convenience, the user interface for the system is Apple iPads.

The Genelec 4030/4040 speakers offer superb audio performance and stress-free installation. The in-built protection circuitry guarantees the reliability of the loudspeaker system in all operating conditions as the drivers are electronically protected from signal peaks and misuse of the system. The single assembly, combination chassis, makes for a surprisingly compact and powerful amplified loudspeaker system which is easy to install and can be discreetly integrated into end-user environments and fixed installations of all types and design.

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