Vertegy Spins off to Form New Independent Company

After separating from Alberici, Vertegy, L.L.C., was officially launched Aug. 1

After serving eight years as the sustainability consulting arm of Alberici and establishing itself as a dominant force in the green building industry, St. Louis-based Vertegy has announced the formation of Vertegy, LLC, transitioning into an independent company separate from the Alberici Enterprise. The new company was officially unveiled Aug. 1, 2013. Vertegy, which is well-known for its training, sustainable design, procurement and construction consulting services will continue to provide those services to clients, with the goal of expanding its client base and increasing the number of training courses offered. The change will allow more flexibility to better serve the needs of existing and future clients.

Vertegy, a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, was established as a "Doing Business As" (DBA) of Alberici in 2005 by Thomas Taylor, a long-time Alberici executive who helped deliver Alberici's LEED Platinum certified headquarters in Overland, which, at the time, was considered by many to be the greenest building in the world. Since its creation, Vertegy has grown rapidly and emerged as a leader in green building consulting in St. Louis, across the country and around the world. To date, Vertegy has helped 46 facilities in the residential, office, industrial, public, medical and education industries achieve LEED certification, which has always been a key focus of the firm. Vertegy also has another six projects that are expected to achieve LEED certification by the end of this year. In the St. Louis area alone, the company has helped 19 facilities achieve LEED certification, including three of the area's five Platinum Certified buildings.

"Alberici has been instrumental in helping to incubate our tremendous growth over the past several years, and as the demand for sustainable buildings continues to rise, the time is right to become our own entity to better serve the needs of all current and future clients," said Taylor, principal and one of the founding partners of Vertegy, LLC. "We are grateful to Alberici for the support provided as we established the Vertegy brand and helped to fill a void that existed in the construction industry, and we look forward to working with the talented professionals there on future projects."

Besides the Alberici Headquarters facility, Vertegy and Alberici have partnered on 10 LEED projects, and leaders within Alberici also envision opportunities for continued collaboration with the spun-off Vertegy.

Grant Lanham and Greg Mueller, both of whom spent many years with Vertegy and Alberici have joined with Thomas Taylor as principals and founding partners of Vertegy L.L.C. Mueller initially joined Vertegy as a project specialist in early 2009 after spending 25 years as a project manager with Alberici, while Lanham, who joined Alberici in 2004 as facility manager, became an operations specialist with Vertegy in 2008.

Vertegy relocated from the firm's original location at the Alberici headquarters building to new office space at 1715 Deer Tracks Trail, Suite 230, in Town and Country, Mo. The company can be reached at 314.399.9990. For more information, visit

Vertegy, which is derived from combining the Latin root for green and strategy, provides clients with design, procurement and construction consulting services for green and sustainable facilities. Since its creation in February 2005, the company's mission has focused on helping clients gain certification for their projects from various nationally and internationally recognized certification bodies, such as the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), which provides LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification. The company is recognized as the foremost leader in the application of sustainable strategies in the country.

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