Clenergy supplies for a 20.6MW solar PV project in China's Yanqi County

Clenergy worked with the project's EPC company to deliver a tailor-made, C-steel mounting solution including installation service for a 20.6MW solar PV project in China's Yanqi County. The project is the county's first utility scale solar power plant.

Clenergy completed work in July on a solar PV project in Yanqi County, Xinjiang. Clenergy, the solar park solution provider, worked with the project's EPC company and its strategic partner, a Xinjiang-based leading enterprise in the power transmission and transformation field, to deliver a tailor-made, C-steel mounting solution including installation service.

Covering more than 562,000 square meters, the solar power plant is located at Yanqi's New Energy Industrial Park. With its rich solar energy resources and vast deserts, the region is highly suitable for large-scale PV power plants. The natural conditions of the area, however, make construction of solar PV power plants challenging, given the region's high wind and snow load.

Clenergy's mounting solution for the project is based on the PV-ezRack SolarTerrace I–B, the company's low cost C-steel system for large-scale ground mount projects. In addition to SolarTerrace I–B's strong overall structural strength to resist the local environmental challenges, the tailor-made solution features greater installation efficiency and lower cost, which is engineered with optimized rails and custom key fastening components. The company's full installation service was completed within the allocated time and budget.

The project is the county's first utility scale solar power plant and opens the door for the further developments in the county's renewable energy industry. The local government expects the annual green power production of 27 million kWh, which is planned to solve the local imbalance of electrical supply and demand, and to help boost the local economy.

In 2012, Clenergy and its strategic partner on this project worked together extensively in Xinjiang, with projects such as a 20MW solar project in Keping County. Both companies look forward to continue the cooperation in future projects in Xinjiang and the neighbouring QingHai. The region's large potential for solar PV development, and the continued efforts by the central government to boost domestic demand present a good foundation for increasing the amount of clean energy in the local energy mix.

Clenergy supplies for the 20.6MW solar PV project in Yanqi County, Xinjiang

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