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It Will Be Interesting To See Where It Takes Us…

Santa Ynez, CA, September 16, 2013 – The concept of ‘following the money' is nothing new. In fact, Socrates had it right 2500 years ago when he said, "All wars are about money." Just look at the world today to see how true that is! Similar words were uttered by the mysterious informant in the Watergate scandal during Richard Nixon's term in office - ‘Follow the money.' This phrase, in fact, has become so iconographic in our times that it has its own page on Wikipedia!

"Do you get the feeling that the energy industry and the Congress that it owns are deliberately lying to you? If so, you are 100% correct," says Craig Shields, author of Renewable Energy – Following the Money (Clean Energy Press). In his book, Shields reiterates the effects that economics and financial power have on the course of the energy industry and offers short essays on the subject of energy policy and how he believes we need to navigate the waters associated with a migration to a sustainable course in energy.

It should come as no surprise that the energy industry is the most profitable on Earth; the annual earnings of the top five oil companies alone are mind-boggling. It's foolish to think they would want this to change or to lose their position of leadership--and any attempt to alter their plans would mean fighting against the single most powerful political force in the known universe.

The world's concerns over the health and environmental effects of consuming fossil fuels increase with each passing year, making this a far more interesting subject than it was a few decades ago. With roughly 200 sovereign countries on our planet, there are many differing opinions and emotions can run deep on the subject--depending on the country, its government, levels of affluence and access to energy resources.

"One thing is certain," says Shields, "Those who believe the working of the world have even the remotest bearing on what's good for the seven billion people who live here are in for a rude shock." While he isn't sure where all of this is going, he suggests following the money to see where it takes us.

"What's going on around us, of which world energy policy is only one example, is anything but an accident; it's a careful unfolding of events designed to further enrich an extremely slender minority of interests – and guess what? Change of any type – especially the radical change that our civilization so desperately needs in its approach to transportation and energy – is not part of their plan," says Shields.

Shields' current work follows his first two book projects; Renewable Energy—Facts and Fantasies (2010) and Is Renewable Really Doable? (2012). His position as editor of 2GreenEnergy and Clean Energy Press enables Craig to use the business skills he accumulated over three decades as owner and manager of a marketing agency for Fortune-sized clients (acting as his company's spokesperson making live and on-camera presentations to thousands of business audiences worldwide), to forward concepts that are central to our survival as a species. His interactive website: enables people around the globe to share important ideas on all forms of renewable energy.

Craig Shields believes there's a chance humankind can forge a sustainable path to its consumption of resources here on Earth, but adds: "If we are to make it happen, it will be because of a largely informed electorate that understands and honestly cares what's going on around them."

"Seatbelts fastened? Let's follow the money…," says Shields. But are we ready for what we might find?

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