Pfister Energy Announces Completion of Its Commercial Solar PV Energy Installation at Leonard Paper Company in Baltimore, Maryland

Leonard Paper Company of Baltimore is proud to announce the installation of a 451Kilowatt photovoltaic solar array at its commercial facility on N. Haven Street. The project's design and construction was provided by Pfister Energy of Baltimore, Maryland.

Baltimore, MD October 02, 2013

For 73 years, Leonard Paper Company has been a family owned and operated business serving a wide range of customers in the Baltimore-Washington region. Greatly expanded from its humble beginnings on Aliceanna Street in 1940, and originally a supplier of wrapping paper and twine, Leonard Paper continues to operate in Baltimore City with over six thousand products for janitorial maintenance and food service.

Now in 2013, the Leonard family is proud and excited to invest in the latest and most environmentally conscious upgrade to its facility. Solar installations last for over 25 years.

Under the direction of Pfister Energy of Baltimore and in partnership with Cole Roofing, the 42,000 sq. ft. solar array installation was completed this Fall. Cole Roofing is a Baltimore area company in its 4th generation of family leadership. Founded in 1919, Cole/Pfister employs more than 150 people locally and has delighted commercial roofing customers for over 90 years. Together, Leonard Paper and Cole/Pfister have been creating employment opportunities for Baltimore area families for more than 160 years combined and together currently provide over 300 jobs.

The impetus for the project was the need for a new warehouse roof. Diligent research ensued and Leonard Paper management determined that incorporating a Pfister Energy solar array would deliver sound financial and environment benefits. And with Pfister's turn-key approach, Leonard Paper can expect project payback in under four years. The facility's roof holds over 1,700 solar panels generating clean, sustainable energy for an anticipated 30 years. Power generated by the system that exceeds the facility's usage will go to the electrical grid for distribution to other power customers. The investment also provides Leonard Paper with a hedge against volatile electrical rates, predicted to increase regularly in the coming years.


Pfister Energy is a renewable energy company providing innovative power solutions and energy efficient systems for commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. The company is a national provider and installer of turnkey renewable energy and on-site distributed power generation systems, predominantly with Solar PV systems. Pfister Energy offers customized design and assists clients with the implementation of the latest technologies and with the highest standards. Pfister works with its clients to create financially accessible solar investments by helping them utilize all federal, state and local incentives. With its partner in Cole Roofing, Pfister has the years of experience and reputation for quality that provides our clients with confidence that the project will bring lasting financial value to their organization.


For over 90 years, Cole Roofing Co, Inc. has been providing quality commercial roofing, repair and maintenanceódelivering building owners, property managers and tenants with technical industrial roofing expertise and superior customer service. Family owned and operated since 1919, Cole Roofing Co, Inc. has built a reputation on decades of quality workmanship, safety and experience.

Cole Roofing Co, Inc. is a leading contractor for high performance roofing systems for commercial and industrial properties. We understand that every building is unique. Working in partnership with our clients, we are equipped to deliver full service roofing solutions tailored to optimally serve our customer's needs. The primary list of services offered includes: Roof Inspections, Emergency Leak Repairs, Restoration, Replacement, New Construction and Sustainable Solutions.

For Information, please email us: dgroves(at)pfisterenergy(dot)com.

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