MAGE SOLAR Selected as ONTILITY Gold Partner

Wholesaler and Manufacturer Establish Key Strategic Partnership

Dublin (Georgia), October 3, 2013. – MAGE SOLAR, a US-based provider of premium quality, top-performance PV and ACPV modules, announced today that the company has been named an ONTILITY Gold Partner and has entered a partnership program with the leading wholesale distributor of solar equipment.

The ONTILITY Gold Partner Program places particular focus on superior product quality and availability, as well as the manufacturer's ability to build and sustain strong partnerships and respond effectively to market demands. MAGE SOLAR meets or exceeds all ONTILITY criteria and has been named as one of only three module manufacturers who meet all of ONTILITY's strict requirements, including price competitiveness and outstanding customer support.

MAGE SOLAR's robust product line includes premium quality, high performance modules, including US-assembled and ARRA- and BAA-compliant PV and ACPV modules. All MAGE POWERTEC PLUS modules feature an industry-best 30-year power warranty and zero-to-positive-five Watt tolerances, further optimizing a maximum yield and ROI. A 2013 survey by the North American PV EPV Market Monitor ranked MAGE SOLAR the second most trusted manufacturer for US installers.

"We are extremely pleased to be among ONTILITY's highest-caliber suppliers," Don Hammond, MAGE SOLAR Vice President of Sales and Marketing, comments about the new partnership. "As Gold Partner we look forward to offering our reliable product suite and service team to ONTILITY's customers across the nation. Our vibrant partnership with ONTILITY will be an optimal platform for installers to obtain the industry's best values and pricing with a maximum of support and service. "

The ONTILITY sales and design staff will turn to MAGE SOLAR PV and ACPV modules as a product of choice. By doing so, they will extend to all ONTILITY customers the advantages made available through the MAGE-ONTILITY partnership. Solar integrators and contractors for the residential, commercial, and utility scale sectors will benefit directly as they gain access to the combined strength of one of the nation's top wholesale distributors and most reliable manufacturers.

"The ONTILITY Gold Partner selection process is rigorous for a good reason," says Kirk Wehby, ONTILITY CEO, "When we name a new partner, we are confident that they can deliver excellent value to our customers and provide the very best customer service possible," Mr. Wehby continues, "MAGE SOLAR has demonstrated excellence in all key areas, has a strong track record of superior customer service and agility in meeting specific customer needs."

MAGE SOLAR USA is a global alternative energy company with offices in nearly two dozen countries and installations on every continent. MAGE SOLAR's robust product line of premium quality, high performance modules include US-assembled and ARRA-compliant modules as well as ACPV models. Featuring an industry-best 30-year power warranty MAGE SOLAR has been ranked No. 2 of all manufacturers for US customer service. MAGE SOLAR's exceptional product production offers end users an industry-leading ROI.


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