A leading UK academy which has ensured it is top of the class for renewable energy is opening its doors to schools and colleges across the UK to demonstrate how they can benefit too.

John Ferneley College, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, has worked with Myriad Solar PV to complete a solar power project which ensures that demand for electricity from the National Grid can be reduced to zero.

The college is so pleased with the performance of its solar panels that it has agreed to host a Myriad Solar PV open day.

The event, on Thursday October 24 will consist of a short seminar and site tour to showcase the project and allow Myriad Solar PV to provide details of how solar panel installations can help schools and colleges across the UK.

The 50kWp solar PV installed by Myriad Solar PV alongside an existing wind turbine and biomass boiler provides electricity even on a cloudy day – and means that when the sun shines the school can teach its 1,000 pupils whilst being entirely self-sufficient in terms of its energy demands.

The college is now seeking planning permission for an additional 100kWp of solar capacity early next year.

Lee Baxter, General Manager of Leicestershire-based Myriad Solar PV, said: "This is a great example of a college moving towards obtaining all its energy needs from renewable sources.

"During the recent sunny spell, the solar panels captured a terrific amount of energy which is turned into cheaper electricity, with the left over power transferred to the National Grid.

"PV is extremely complimentary to a lot of other renewable technologies and this project highlights how it is flexible, risk free and low maintenance."

The college is currently in the top 10% in the country for GCSE results and is aiming to be in the top 5% in the next two years.

College Principal, Mr. Chris Robinson, said renewable energy and the solar panels provided a perfect solution.

He said: "It just makes sense. We have a duty to the Melton community to lead the way on eco issues."

"Being able to generate our own electricity means we aren't only talking the talk but walking the walk. We want to lead best practice and this is a key part of our strategy to eventually reduce our energy bill to £0.

"The financial projections over the life span of the panels, boiler and turbine show that every year we are saving thousands of pounds which we can reinvest back into the pupils education. It also means we aren't suffering from the sky high prices of fuel."

Myriad Solar PV is one of the biggest and most trusted solar solutions providers in the UK.

It uses industry-leading technology including on-roof, stand-alone and integrated roof solar PV systems, and state-of-the art 3D modelling to ensure installations capture maximum energy from the sun year-round.

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