SunLink and Dow Corning Develop Integrated Adhesive Solar Mounting Solution

Mounting system leader SunLink and Dow Corning, a leading supplier of silicone-based solutions for the solar industry, announce a collaboration to deliver the industry's first adhesive solar module-to-racking integrated solution – designed to help installers save significant time and money.

Silicone-based adhesive installation methodologies save time and money over traditional clamps.

San Rafael, Calif. and Midland, Mich., October 9, 2013 – As the solar industry moves towards glass-on-glass modules to reduce total installation costs and improve performance, industry mounting system leader SunLink and Dow Corning, a leading supplier of silicone-based solutions for the solar industry, announce a collaboration to deliver the industry's first adhesive solar module-to-racking integrated solution – designed to help installers save significant time and money.

SunLink has long provided module-to-racking integration through the company's one-of-a-kind prepanelization service. SunLink-trained technicians assemble modules with the company's racking components in a controlled location and deliver the prepanelized assemblies to the project site, where they can be immediately installed on the system foundation. Prepanelization customers using glass-on-glass modules will now have the option to choose Dow Corning's silicone-based adhesive in place of clamps.

The Dow Corning adhesive is a two-component silicone adhesive which is designed to provide long-term bonding and protection against moisture, environmental degradation, mechanical and thermal shocks. Studies have demonstrated that, when compared to mechanical attachment, silicone bonding technology significantly reduces the stress on the module due to wind and other mechanical loads. Dow Corning silicone bonding product also allows for module installations to be completed quickly, with low material costs, limited labor requirements and a high level of reliabilityhelping to significantly reduce a solar system's total installed cost per watt.

"We've been in dialogue with the module manufacturers, and there is a clear movement toward frameless modules to reduce module costs and, in some cases, improve performance. That said, we believe glass-on-glass will become the dominant module design in the not too distant future," says SunLink CEO, Christopher Tilley. "Together with Dow Corning, we're working hard to create the cutting edge installation methodologies that will enable that new frameless reality. Incorporating an adhesive solution into our prepanelization service is step one. Our collaborative R&D effort is focused on what comes next – engaging module manufacturers, EPCs and insurers in the conversation."

Adhesive prepanelization will first be available to ground mount customers, but will soon expand to roof mount customers as well.

"With new smart mounting technologies, such as silicone bonding, customers can expect a cost-effective solution that will increase efficiency, reliability, performance and cost-competitiveness of PV systems," said Joy Govitz, global strategic marketing leader, Solar Solutions, Dow Corning. "Dow Corning silicone bonding technology introduces a new level simplicity and efficiency to PV system installations for glass-on-glass modules. We are pleased to be bringing this innovative new product to market with SunLink, and look forward to future collaboration."

SunLink will have the adhesive mounting solution on display at booth #1310 at Solar Power International in Chicago from October 22-24, 2013. SunLink and Dow Corning representatives will be on hand throughout the show to field inquiries.

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