Corvus Energy's lithium energy storage system is the world's first to be type- approved by DNV GL.

A breakthrough battery ready for brutal conditions

Corvus Energy's lithium energy storage system is the world's first to be type- approved by DNV GL. The type approval is significant because it makes increased fuel efficiency and greatly reduced emissions available for heavy industries such as offshore oil and gas and commercial shipping.

Rigorous testing over several years proves that heavy offshore machinery will maintain power and safety during operations using Corvus Energy's AT6500 module.

Designed and built to handle the world's most hazardous ocean conditions, the heavy-duty batteries made by Corvus Energy are up to 10 times more powerful than lead-acid batteries and significantly more powerful than current alternative lithium competitors. The system can operate from - 40 to 60 degrees Celsius and withstand shocks of 30 G and vibration of 8 G. (When installed on a DNV classed vessel the Type Approved Corvus batteries are to be installed according to the DNV Battery Power Class rules.)

Setting a new standard

"The DNV type approval is a nod to industry that Corvus Energy is the battery to use in off-shore industrial applications. It means that the end user can trust that a Corvus Energy system not only meets or exceeds all incorporated standards that exist today, but also that these standards have been written specifically for lithium batteries for use in commercial marine applications. The testing that has been validated by DNV these past few years means that Corvus Energy technology has become the standard by which all other high capacity batteries are judged," said Brent Perry, CEO of Corvus Energy.

"Through the extensive testing and DNV Type Approval, the Lithium-ion-battery Power System shows it is comprehensive and robust, and truly worthy to be the first one type approved by DNV GL," said DNV GL's Nick Roper, Manager of District Pacific, Maritime North America. "Not only does the Corvus lithium energy storage system work as intended in marine and offshore applications, it has the ability to be of value in a variety of heavy industrial uses."

The technology is ready to be adopted by the industry, and the battery has proven strong enough to be used as the only source of power for a ferry, Folgefonn, operating in Norway. An offshore supply vessel, Eidesvik's Viking Lady, uses the battery to reduce or eliminate inefficient low-load engine operation and provide full operation and spinning reserve capabilities.

About the battery system:

The Corvus Energy intelligent battery management system constantly monitors each module. Sealed inside the battery module, in purpose built aluminum casings, the battery management system is completely water and tamper proof. In combination with the battery module, pack controller and array manager, the system boasts multiple levels of redundant safety features.

The battery management system is responsible for monitoring and controlling the system. It will then relay the information to the pack, providing the management control to coordinate all the modules in the array. The data is then transmitted via an industry standard CanBus communications port, allowing it to be monitored at a terminal located at the pack location or remotely via a web-based interface or smart phone application.

The remote monitoring allows a system manager to monitor the pack from any location via web or smart phone and make power usage changes as needed. It also allows Corvus Energy to monitor each installation down to the cell level, and in the unlikely event that a module begins to go bad or out of spec, the module can be replaced during normal-maintenance intervals on a planned basis as opposed to an emergency situation.

The battery system can withstand being irradiated with high-intensity signals, even with disturbance signals intentionally added to any of the cables. This means it is able to effectively communicate with other batteries in the array and the array controller in all conditions regardless of ambient signals or noise.

In and of itself, the BMS does not produce any harmful noise emissions radiated or conducted and it can be used in any vessel without interfering with other equipment.

Please see DNV Type Approval E-12586 for more information.

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About Corvus Energy

Corvus Energy, based in Richmond, B.C., Canada provides industrial-sized power in a compact, modular lithium-ion battery system to commercial marine, transportation, ports machinery, remote community, off grid and grid energy markets. Its revolutionary battery packs have the capacity to output sustained power comparable to diesel engines in hybrid and full-electric vessels and vehicles. For more information, please visit

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