Sullivan Solar Power Wins Silver Medal for Website

California Clean Energy Firm Recognized for their Online Presence

SAN DIEGO (November 4, 2013) – Sullivan Solar Power, a leading renewable energy company, has won the Silver Medal by 2013 W3 Awards for both Clean Energy Generation and Construction sites. The W3 Awards, sanctioned by the International Academy of Visual Arts (IAVA) honors creative excellence on the web, and recognizes the creative and marketing professionals behind award winning sites, marketing programs and video work created for the web.

"We were amazed at the caliber and quality of work we received this year. Our winners continue to push the envelope of Internet creativity and web design, and it is gratifying to see such great work from the smallest agencies to the biggest firms," said Linda Day, director of the IAVA.

The Sullivan Solar Power website has shined bright as an industry leader on the web, and a high-water mark for application of new technologies. Originally created in 2004, the company site has been redesigned several times since inception to stay current with its visitors' needs. The website's current design was engineered with enough forward-thinking to remain technologically ahead of its time today and well into the future. Behind the scenes, was hand-coded from scratch, implementing HTML5 and CSS3.

"HTML5 and CSS3 were in their infancy, nearly still prototype, when we built this website. Both technologies have been adopted across the web since," said Michael Chagala, director of Information Technology at Sullivan Solar Power.

Even visitors with disabilities were taken into consideration with tie-ins for Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA), allowing for an improved experience for those with software such as screen readers.

"Our goal is not actually to build the most advanced website, it's to deliver content that meets the needs of our visitors," said Brian Seymour, web developer at Sullivan Solar Power, "These technologies simply facilitate this goal."

Attention is given to every detail to ensure cross-browser performance, including visitors on mobile devices. "Although the impact might be minimal, even the size of the web pages are kept small for a lower carbon footprint," said Seymour, whose also has a degree in Environmental Studies.

Sullivan Solar Power's online storefront is a living website, meaning that it is in a constant state of development. Content is refreshed, news and blogs updated, images rotated, and pages sprinkled with video. The most active sections of the website are the residential and commercial portfolios; every installation that Sullivan Solar Power completes gets its own page on the website, including real-time performance information and emission reduction estimates.

"Although the future design of Sullivan Solar Power's website remains a closely guarded secret, you can be assured it will make a big splash with ripple effects felt across the industry once again as we strive toward a clean, energy efficient future," said Chagala.

About Sullivan Solar Power

Sullivan Solar Power is a turnkey solar system provider that delivers solar electric projects from concept to completion. The company has installed over 14,000,000 watts of solar power ranging from small-scale residential to large-scale commercial and municipal systems. Sullivan Solar Power is headquartered in San Diego, CA and owned and operated by Dan Sullivan. Sullivan Solar Power has a longstanding A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau, with no complaints filed since the business began. The firm has been named one of the fastest growing energy companies in the nation by Inc. Magazine for three consecutive years and services all of Southern California. Regardless of project size and scope, Sullivan is committed to delivering the best products and the most qualified professionals to its customers. Visit for more information.

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