Nextronex Inc. Announces Toledo Zoo New Solar Project

The project will install enough solar power so that the Toledo Zoo will not only supplement their electric use but has the potential to meet 100% of their energy requirements during peak periods.

November 20, 2013 – Nextronex Inc., a leader in high performance solar inverter systems, is pleased to announce that our Ray Max Inverter System will be used in the 2 MW solar field project for the Toledo Zoo. Rudolph Libbe, Inc., as a lead developer in Northwest Ohio and solar EPC, has a proud history of committing to new technology and is thrilled to be part of another green energy effort.

Jay Troger, CEO of Nextronex states that Nextronex and Rudolph Libbe have a long-standing relationship of working on solar projects together. This is the fourth solar project in which Rudolph Libbe has selected the Nextronex solution for use of their unique distributed architecture inverter system. Our systems have proven performance in the field consistently providing higher energy output and 100% uptime. Our track record combined with our standard 10 year system warranty makes Nextronex the right choice for solar developers and Independent Power Producers. Nextronex's reputation of successful installations and quality customer service is a perfect fit for the Toledo Zoo.

Reclaimed industrial land across from the Anthony Wayne Trail, which is currently owned by the Toledo Zoo, will be the site of one of the largest zoo solar projects in the country. Jason Slattery states, "This partnership is another example of the Toledo Zoo's effort to go green." The Toledo Zoo is not new to green energy. In 2010, they installed SolarWalk, a 1,400-foot solar walkway providing 100kW. That project was in addition to the addition of wind turbines in their parking lot in 2008 as well as the installation of geothermal heating and cooling in many buildings.

The Toledo Zoo will be commissioning this project in early 2014. The project will install enough solar power so that the Toledo Zoo will not only supplement their electric use but has the potential to meet 100% of their energy requirements during peak periods. In addition to the energy benefits, this project will be taking advantage of a reclaimed land that cannot be used otherwise as well as providing quality jobs to the northwest Ohio area.

About Toledo Zoo

The Toledo Zoo is committed to providing excellent care for our animals, as well as conserving the natural world. We are implementing multiple green practices in our operations, and several members of our staff are highly involved with conservation efforts, both local and international. We are working to preserve endangered and threatened species from butterflies and birds to toads and elephants. Fully accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), The Toledo Zoo is involved with breeding animals through the Species Survival Program that is helping to ensure a future for some truly amazing species. For more information about the Toledo Zoo, please visit their website at

About Rudolph Libbe

Rudolph/Libbe Inc. is a full-service, national contractor offering a broad range of construction, maintenance, and facility-related services. Rudolph/Libbe provides customized solutions that accurately meet your needs. Our team of construction professionals and expert craftsmen take a holistic approach to your project by taking the time to understand not just the project at hand, but also the business reason for the project as it relates to your entire operation. For more information about the Rudolph Libbe, please visit their website at

About Nextronex

Nextronex, Inc. is a manufacturer of commercial and utility scale proprietary solar inverter systems for applications 150kW and larger. The company is focused on solar energy optimization through its patented distributed inverter architecture design for both 600 and 1,000 V DC solar array configurations and up to 35,000 V AC grid connect. In its short history, Nextronex has installed 22 solar projects totaling over 22MW. For more information about Nextronex, please visit their website at

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