UK Companies Bring Green Building Know How to North American Market

UKTI and a delegation of UK companies showcase their expertise in green building and design at Greenbuild.

Philadelphia, PA (November 20, 2013) – The United Kingdom is showcasing its vast experience and leadership in green building and design through a UK Trade & Investment-led delegation at the annual Greenbuild Conference and Expo. The delegate companies represent the UK's diverse set of capabilities and services in sustainable building practices ranging from innovative products and building materials to energy efficiency and overall consumption and waste reduction services.

"The UK has established ambitious and innovative carbon reduction policies that are fostering the development of low carbon solutions to create sustainably built environments," said Michael Rosenfeld, UK Trade & Investment, Vice Consul – US Clean Technology Sector Lead. "The UK's expertise in green building and energy efficiency is recognized around the world as a valuable resource to draw upon and collaborate with."

Great Britain's low carbon policies are framed by its goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions 80 percent by 2050. The Green Deal, a UK government initiative to energy retrofit 26 million British buildings, is positioning the UK as a hub of green building and energy efficiency expertise. More than 1,000 households in the UK have already begun installing Green Deal improvements and the numbers are growing.

This experience in the UK market has propelled British companies to expand their offerings and services to other regions like North America. London-based IOBAC, for example, has formed a strategic partnership with Minnesota-based 3M to pioneer a magnetic flooring system that allows tiles to be easily replaced, stored, cleaned and reused, reducing overall waste.

In addition, Armourcoat, a UK manufacturer of polished plaster and high performance surface finishes, has found a receptive market in the US over the past decade with clients including Carnegie Hall, Fed Ex and Fidelity Investments. In 2009 the company established a formal office in Las Vegas, Nevada to serve as a base for its US operations.

"Armourcoat is excited to offer our global perspective and cutting edge technology with a focus on sustainable architecture and design to the US market," said Daniel Nevitt, Marketing Director at Armourcoat. "With established operations in Las Vegas, we look forward to the opportunity to connect with other leaders in this space to further grow our North America presence."

The UK's strong green building market also offers opportunities for US companies to expand their businesses across the pond. Philadelphia-based Environmental Construction Services recently travelled with Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter on a trade mission to the UK to promote trade ties between the two regions. The company, which is a full service HVAC construction company with a focus on energy efficient retrofit projects, is aiming to grow quickly over the next five years, and is considering expanding overseas as part of that growth plan.

"Both the UK and the US are working hard to promote sustainability in the built environment, and the opportunities for collaboration between the two countries will only grow as the global green building industry continues to mature," added Rosenfeld of UK Trade & Investment.

The green building industry is on the rise globally as well, with estimates that the market may increase from $156 billion in 2012 to $275 billion in 2020.

In addition to IOBAC and Armourcoat, the UK delegation includes BMPR Offsite Consultancy Services, Conport Structures, Ergohome, MagmaTech, Origin Frames, Riva Global, and Unic International. The delegation is located at booth #2713 during Greenbuild 2013. For more information contact Rebecca Lewis, Vice Consul Energy & Environment at (646) 247-6239 or

UK Trade & Investment will also be providing insights and interaction from Greenbuild 2013 through its Twitter account @UKTI_cleantech.


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