Top 10 States for Job Announcements in Q3: Calif., Nev., N.Y., Mich., Texas, Ky., S.C., Fla., Tenn., and N.M

WASHINGTON (November 21, 2013) - Companies and communities across the United

States announced more than 80 clean energy and clean transportation projects
in the third quarter of this year that together could create more than
15,000 jobs, according to a report released today by the nonpartisan
business group Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2).

The report includes announcements from 30 states in industries ranging from
solar power generation to recycling to clean-energy related manufacturing
and biofuels. The top sectors were renewable power generation, with 6,700
jobs announced, and manufacturing, with 3,300 jobs announced.

The report shows strength in industries that benefit from strong state-level
renewable energy policies. However, the scheduled sunset of an important
federal policy in the wind industry is slowing job growth in that sector.

To download the complete report, and to see detailed information on how
clean energy is currently impacting your state's economy, visit

"Clean energy continues to put Americans to work," said Judith Albert, E2's
executive director.

California and Nevada led the country for clean energy and clean
transportation job announcements, and several Southeastern states -
including South Carolina, Tennessee and Florida - were among the Top 10
states for job announcements tracked by E2.

"Clean energy and clean transportation jobs aren't limited by geography or
politics," Albert said. "Our quarterly reports and our Web site make that obvious."

While there were positive developments in states like Nevada - which thanks
to a strong state-level renewable energy policy had five solar announcements
- E2's latest job announcement tally shows continued problems nationwide in
the wind industry, which is bracing for the scheduled expiration of the wind
energy Production Tax Credit (PTC) at the end of this year.

"Clean energy policies have a real impact on workers across the country,"
Albert said. "Washington, D.C., may be far removed from what's happening in
the heartland, but wind industry workers there will feel the pinch as the
wind tax credit expires, the project pipeline dries up, and wind jobs become

Despite federal level policies that are holding back growth, some state
renewable energy policies are having a positive jobs impact, the report

In fact, of the top 5 states for job announcements in the third quarter,
only Texas does not currently have a statewide renewables procurement
standard on the books. The top 5 states were: California (2,467 jobs
announced), Nevada (2,081), New York (1,807), Michigan (1,100) and Texas

E2 has tracked clean energy and clean transportation jobs since November
2011. The 15,000-plus jobs E2 tracked this quarter are considerably more
than the corresponding quarter in 2012, when 10,800 jobs were announced.

Some of this difference may be attributed to E2 tracking recycling
announcements for the first time. More than 1,300 jobs were announced in the
recycling sector, many in Southern states that had not previously posted
large quarterly job announcement numbers.

Details from each of the job announcements included in this report can be
found at

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environment. E2 is a national community of individual business leaders who
advocate for good environmental policy while building economic prosperity.
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