Company President Discusses Zero-Down Leasing for Distributed Wind Projects

San Diego, CA – November 22, 2013 – United Wind, a leading provider of distributed-scale wind energy today announced that company president, Tal Mamo has been selected by the Wind Power Workshop to discuss Financial Considerations and Wind Incentives on December 10, 2013, 10am – 12:30pm, at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Rochester, NY. The event, sponsored by CEC Energy, a division of Cazenovia Equipment Company, will provide information on how to produce renewable energy using wind turbines.

According to Earth Policy Institute, U.S. wind power capacity has more than tripled since 2007 and now produces enough energy to power over 15 million homes in the United States. Wind is the fastest growing energy source, jumping 94 percent over the past three years. As wind deployments increase, wind energy will become more affordable and the ideal alternative to rising energy costs.

"One of the major barriers for small property owners and farmers in adopting wind energy has been the initial capital equipment expenses," explains Tal Mamo, United Wind's Co-Founder and President. "By using new financing models, small property owners can now take advantage of wind turbines without the up-front equipment expenses, to leverage considerable energy cost savings."

United Wind offers significant savings through its WindLease program made possible by the first institutional capital investment tax equity commitment of $25million from GSG Energy Finance. By targeting New York, Oregon, Massachusetts and Maryland states, United Wind can now effectively monetize the tax incentives created by these projects and realize significant savings for its customers. United Wind plans to partner with CEC Energy and other experienced partners to handle the planning, construction, installation, permitting and ongoing maintenance of each turbine – passing significant savings to property owners with suitable properties. Additionally, by partnering with a network of experienced partners familiar with the local requirements for distributed-scale wind turbines, Untied Wind helps create local job opportunities across the state of New York and nationwide. The company's unique wind energy financing model for reducing upfront costs was highlighted at a recent U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) 2012 Market Report on Wind Technologies in Distributed Applications report.

"By providing a forum of top wind energy industry experts as well as wind turbine owners, we hope workshop attendees will gain all the necessary and valuable information and insight needed to select wind turbines as their renewable energy source. This is an ideal option for owners of large farms, wineries/vineyards, manufacturing facilities as well as public institutions like schools and municipalities," says Mark Ferrara, Alternative Energy Specialist, CEC Energy.

To register for the December 10th Wind Power Workshop contact Kalin Frazee, 315.655.8620 or email kfrazee@cazequip.com or visit: http://www.cec-energy.com/upcoming-cec-events/wind-power-workshop-registration/

For more information on how your home or business can take advantage of affordable wind technology, follow United Wind on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube (Preview) , contact United Wind at info@unitedwind.com or call 877. 448.2526.

About United Wind

United Wind is a leading provider of low-cost electricity through its WindLease™ platform. By leasing a distributed-scale wind turbine and locking in their rates to protect against rising energy prices, property owners can immediately save on their energy costs. Founded on the belief that wind energy must be affordable to compete with conventional, less sustainable energy sources, United Wind provides customers with low-cost wind energy options that make sense for today and into the future. For more information visit: http://www.unitedwind.com.

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