The University of Toledo and GEM Energy announce official start-up of 'Green Data Center'

The University of Toledo announced that the ReliaFlex Advanced Power System, installed by GEM Energy, of Walbridge, Ohio, is fully operational. The ReliaFlex system will give the University a "Green Data Center" that will significantly reduce its carbon footprint and increase electric reliability.

The University of Toledo today announced that the ReliaFlex Advanced Power System is fully operational, giving the University a "Green Data Center" that will significantly reduce its carbon footprint and increase its electric reliability.

The new system has been operational for three weeks and has already saved $1,000 with the University's current historically low energy rates.

The University's Green Data Center will be the second of its kind in the nation and the first in Ohio. GEM Energy, of Walbridge, OH, designed, developed and commercialized the ReliaFlex system, using a $1 million loan from Ohio Third Frontier.

The University's advanced gas turbine-based power system uses the technologies and packaging techniques that GEM Energy designed and implemented for the world-class, award-winning power system at Syracuse University's Green Data Center in conjunction with IBM in 2010.

The University of Toledo ReliaFlex system includes:
- Four C65 Capstone Hybrid Uninterrupted Power System Micro Turbines
- A Thermax USA exhaust-fired chilled water module with hot water output
- An external battery system for 10 minutes of electricity
- Special environmental systems for hot and cold climate operation

GEM's modular power system installed at The University of Toledo Green Data Center provides cleaner air, equivalent to removing 287 automobiles from the highway and generates electricity equivalent to the needs of 52 homes.

GEM Energy's modular ReliaFlex system can be easily and quickly installed. All components of an integrated mission critical power system are contained in a pre-engineered system that can be shipped anywhere and connected to an existing infrastructure.

"As The University of Toledo strives to advance alternative energy research and commercialization, it is imperative that we also do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint. This project is an important part of achieving that goal," said Dr. Lloyd Jacobs, UT President.

"Ohio is investing in technology while creating jobs," said David Goodman, director of the Ohio Development Services Agency and chair of Ohio Third Frontier Commission. "This collaboration makes us a leader in advanced energy, and Toledo a destination for innovation, research and commercialization."

Ohio Third Frontier, of the Ohio Development Services Agency, provides funding to Ohio technology-based companies, universities, nonprofit research institutions and other organizations to create new products, companies, industries and jobs.

Hussien Shousher, President of GEM Inc., said, "We are pleased to deliver this exciting and efficient energy project to The University of Toledo, a leader in alternative energy research and commercialization. With the support of the State of Ohio and our key partner, Capstone Turbine Corporation, GEM Energy is proud to build such progressive, energy-saving projects in northwest Ohio."

GEM Energy provides comprehensive energy services and technology to increase the efficiency and reduce the lifetime operating costs of facilities. GEM Energy services include integration of power generation, advanced heating/cooling systems, supply-side procurement/management, demand-side load reduction and building controls for commercial, industrial, institutional and mission critical facilities.

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