Lightway Solar Announces the Launch of its Smart Module Line Optimized by Tigo Energy

Lightway Solar and Tigo Energy team up to introduce a new smart module solution

BEIJING, Jan. 20, 2014 -- Lightway, a world-leading, vertically integrated solar company, announced today that its new LWSS Smart Module line will use technology from Tigo Energy and is shipping immediately. The new line of modules features integrated power optimization that enables the solar module to perform module-level max power point tracking (MPPT) to maximize system yield and increase design flexibility. The new product family also features panel-level deactivation capability for enhanced photovoltaic safety and panel-level monitoring for industry-leading operations and maintenance efficiency.

The LWSS line also has a new feature that limits the maximum voltage of the solar module enabling up to 30% longer string designs than traditional modules. This feature uses the Tigo Energy technology to limit the maximum voltage (Voc) output from the solar module. This effectively cuts off the unwanted part of the IV curve. Using the new LWSS module system designers can string 30% more modules in series while remaining within NEC and IEC safety code. This dramatically reduces balance of systems costs such as combiner boxes and wiring.

"We feel that smart modules will play an increasing role in the future of the industry," said Ping Xie, CEO of Lightway. "The major barriers to adoption for these technologies have been cost and the complexity to install them. The new LWSS series module with our partner Tigo Energy is a big step towards lowering the cost and improving the ease of installation of using distributed electronics. Customers will enjoy major improvements in design flexibility, increased energy harvest, and long term ROI improvements without the hassle of having to add extra boxes onto an array."

"We have worked hard to build a technology and company that is uniquely suited to meet the needs of module manufacturers," said Ron Hadar, President of Tigo Energy. "We are pleased to be selected by Lightway to optimize their new smart module line."

Lightway Solar's new LWSS is available today through Lightway's global distribution network.

About Lightway Green New Energy Co., Ltd

Lightway, founded in 2008, known as a good quality products manufacturer, professional solution provider, as well as for outstanding customer service, has been recognized as a world-leading international company and is growing steadily. Through vertical integration, the company invests in quality solar projects and develops distributed generation, and has successfully accomplished solar projects of all kinds in a wide range of markets, including Europe, North America, China, Australia, and Asian Pacific regions. In the view of sustainable development, Lightway is dedicated to meet the energy demands of a changing world.

About Tigo Energy

Tigo Energy is the market leader in smart module technology for the solar industry. The Silicon Valley Company utilizes a patented impedance matching optimizer technology to increase energy production, simplify design and installation, improve fire safety, and ensure the highest uptime and reliability with cloud-based monitoring. Tigo Energy's chip-based solution provides the industry's lowest part count, highest reliability, and most efficient smart module solution in the world.

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