Via Solar Corp. Launches Their New (844) SOLAR-01 Subsidiary

Los Angeles' top selling solar energy company, Via Solar, launches their new (844) SOLAR-01 subsidiary committed to aiding every aspect of the Los Angeles solar energy market.

Los Angeles, CA January 22, 2014

Los Angeles' top solar energy company, Via Solar Corp, announced today, the launch of their new (844) SOLAR-01 subsidiary. (844) SOLAR-01 is committed to aiding every aspect of the Los Angeles solar energy market.

Southern Californians are becoming more and more energy efficient every day. California homeowners are looking for ways to save money and "be green" by using less of our natural resources. All this amounts to Los Angeles solar energy. Leading the way in Los Angeles solar energy systems is Via Solar Corp., a major part of the Los Angeles community for over twenty five years, understanding the unique requirements needed to deliver superior Los Angeles solar energy. Via Solar Corp. offers a comprehensive variety of quality energy-efficient home products that will make the Los Angeles solar experience valuable to both the customer's family and their financial plan. Via Solar Corp. can help simplify life and save family's thousands of dollars.

Via Solar Corp. offers many leasing options with an extremely small upfront payment that's usually as low as zero down; this allows homeowners to start saving money immediately. Homeowners can also purchase a system and earn a tremendously attractive return, typically around 20% per year, on the investment. Usual payback periods for solar systems today are roughly six to eight years, although with leases the paybacks can be immediate. As the solar industry has grown and matured over the last decade, the cost of placing solar panels on homes has reduced significantly. There's never been a better time to shift over to renewable clean energy than now and to switch over to Solar.

Via Solar Corp. is the biggest suburban Los Angeles solar establishment helping people every day to save lots of money on electricity and do the right thing by replacing dirty energy with clean renewable energy. Via Solar Corp. is Los Angeles solar! Backed by a rock-hard reputation, they know the product, they know the environment, and they know Los Angeles!

Via Solar Corp. is one of a select group of Los Angeles solar power providers who offer the highest efficiency solar panels on the market - those manufactured by Sun Power. With Sun Power, Via Solar Corp. can tailor a solar panel installation to specific needs and lifestyles, so customers get maximum Los Angeles solar energy performance without a maximum investment. Plus, our experienced service and craftsmanship meets the highest of standards set by the AAMA (The American Architectural Manufacturers Association).

Via Solar's professionals pride themselves in Los Angeles Solar energy installation leaving you satisfied with your investment and enjoying a lifetime of savings. Call Via Solar Corp. now for your free consultation and quote with no obligation for purchase. Via Solar Corp. takes pride in offering such benefits as zero money down, rebates, Los Angeles solar lease programs and responsive specialists who attend to your desires. Just call today (844) SOLAR-01 and take the power of the sun and lower your electric bill immediately.

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