SPG Solar Connects Customers to the Installation with TurboSite on iPad

SPG Solar designs, engineers, installs, and maintains commercial solar projects and markets solar tracking technology. To give customers a "you are there" understanding of an installation, SPG Solar now uses TurboSite on iPad.

SPG Solar designs, engineers, installs, and maintains commercial solar projects and markets a world-class tracker technology to solar developers and integrators. Its Sunseeker ® Tracker is a ground-mount single-axis tracking system, which automatically moves the panels to follow the trajectory of the sun, improving solar energy production by up to 25%.

The product team as well as the commercial design-build side of SPG Solar's business relies on making contact with potential customers at trade shows as well as in one-on-one discussions. In meetings with potential customers company representatives would explain how SPG would implement a solar tracking system, but wanted a better way to present the specifics the technology.

"When we were introduced to TurboSite, we immediately saw it as a tool we could use," says SPG's Marissa Muller. "It would allow us to bring the customer to the field, so to speak."

TurboSite from IMSI®/Design is an iPad/iPhone app for adding notes or other documentation to CAD site drawings. When on site, the user can geo-locate the drawing to the location. It then becomes easy to move through the building or site, taking pictures and videos, typing or dictating notes, or adding mark-ups.

"We pulled a section of our tracking system into AutoCAD," says Muller. "Someone then goes into the field and uses TurboSite to add photos and videos to the drawing, providing a 360° view of our tracker."

SPG Solar has taken such site visits to trade shows to demonstrate to potential clients how their solar power installation projects work, by showing a real-world example that combines the CAD site drawing with photos, videos and notes about installation specifics.

"We connected the iPad to the big screen in the booth to show how our tracking system comes together, from field to fingertips. It was a great success, providing a hands-on tool for all booth visitors."

Having found success in demonstrating project specifics to potential customers, SPG Solar is now starting to integrate TurboSite into their on-site planning for specific projects. "Once we deploy this to our designers and engineers, they will be able to walk a rooftop and use TurboSite to identify best locations for panels and mark obstacles such as roof vents," notes Muller. SPG Solar will take advantage of GeoMarks, the unique technology in TurboSite that automatically links all documentation to a specific location in the drawing.

About TurboSite

TurboSite® turns mobile devices such as Apple's iPad® or iPhone® into a first-of-its-kind field reporting tool, cutting up to 80% of the burden of traditional site inspections and completely automating the field reporting process.

No more lugging printed plans into a building; instead they are on an iPad or iPhone. GPS or SPS™ knows where you are in your plan. At any spot users can create a correctly geolocated GeoMark™ and, using the built-in camera, take as many photos, videos, dictation, and text notes as necessary. Redline a drawing with powerful markup, dimension, and inquiry tools, or have a real-time video conference via FaceTime or Skype from directly in your building plan (Pro version only). Immediately share reports electronically with the entire design and construction team at the touch of a button... or instantly print a customized PDF report and distribute hardcopy. Either way, creating a field report has never been so easy.

Awarded 2013 AIA National Convention's "Best of Show," TurboSite® is available in a variety of product and payment options suitable to any size organization, from the very largest to single-person shops. Free plug-ins for Autodesk AutoCAD® and Revit® extend TurboSite documentation into the desktop environment.

About IMSI®/Design

IMSI®/Design is a pioneer in mobile solutions for the AEC (Architectural, Engineering, and Construction) industry and the global leader in retail CAD (Computer Aided Design). With over 16 million products distributed since 1988, IMSI®/Design products include the award-winning TurboCAD®, TurboViewer®, TurboReview®, TurboSite®, and TurboFloorPlan™ families of precision design applications for mobile and desktop. Please visit www.IMSIdesign.com for more information.

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