This may be a real breakthrough in promoting renewable energy!

REECO Poland invites all interested persons for another, already the fourth, edition of International Trade Fair for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency RENEXPO® Poland, taking place on 23-25.09.2014 in Expocentre EXPO XXI in Warsaw.

Last year, the two-day exhibition attracted almost four thousands visitors from Poland and abroad. Over 130 exhibitors presented the innovations and achievements in the field of renewable energy. This year's edition of International Trade Fair for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency will be also marked by a number of important meetings and conferences.

Trade forums and conferences organized as part of RENEXPO® Poland 2014 will certainly turn an interesting and important event for anyone interested in the innovative solutions for photovoltaics market. Recent years have seen a rapid development of the photovoltaic technology in Europe. The conference planned together with Polish Photovoltaics Association will aim to present the latest technological innovations in this industry, both in Poland and abroad. Apart from that, anyone associated in any way with the prospects and EU regulations for biogas cannot fail to be there. The third Biogas Forum will be organized within the framework of the trade fair. Its initiator, along with the fair organizer, is the Union of Producers and Employers of Biogas Industry (UPEBI). Still another topic which will be widely discussed during RENEXPO® Poland is heat pumps. It is them that the third PORT-PC Congress, organized by the Polish Organization of Heat Pump Technology Development, will be devoted to The fourth Hydropower Engineering conference, in turn, will cover topics, among others, related to energy and water management, as well as environmental protection. The already controversial question of biofuels, associated with their production and efficiency, will be no less interesting. Anyone willing to share their knowledge on RES is welcome to cooperate.

Let us bear in mind that the fair is not only the exhibition, but also a transfer of the latest knowledge in the field of renewable energy, along with the future energy security in European Union and Poland. Therefore, high quality conferences and forums organized during RENEXPO® Poland are of great interest.

REECO Poland would like to invite all kinds of organizations, institutions, as well as publishing houses and internet portals supporting the idea of renewable energy, to contribute to this unique event. Małgorzata Bartkowski, Project Manager of RENEXPO® Poland, says: The organizer not only wants to show the strength of the Polish sector, but also encourage foreign companies to invest in Poland, as the Polish market has a huge potential which must not be wasted. The prestigious RENERGY® AWARD will be also awarded, as each year, in two categories: Outstanding Personality - for a person who plays an important role in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency, and Innovative Technology - for a company which will present the most innovative technology during the RENEXPO® Poland 2014 trade fair. The deadline for applications is 12 September 2014.

The topics of this year's conferences are not the work of chance and their topicality is related to the recent events around the world, including Russian aggression in Crimea and its activity in Eastern Ukraine. Further escalation of such aggression may result in the threat concerning gas supplies to the European Union member states. This shows how Poland and other countries of EU are dependent on the Russian fuel imports.

However, gas import is not the sole challenge we are facing currently. With every year, Poland gets increasingly dependent on imported coal. Thus, the widely repeated statement, according to which our country is energy independent thanks to the domestic coal resources, may prove wrong. Consequently, facing the changes that await us in the fuel-energy sector, the need arises to promote the energy production installations. The development of renewable energy sources use thus becomes one of the major directions in the Polish Energy Policy. This may be a real breakthrough in promoting renewable energy!

For these reasons, it is necessary to pay more attention to renewable energy sources and numerous unconventional solutions which are beneficial not only with regard to the protection of environment, but also concern economic and political aspects. Let us not forget that the development of power industry based on renewable energy sources and supported with activities aimed at improving energy efficiency is our future, as well as the energy and ecological security of our country. This makes events such as RENEXPO® Poland even more important, as they become a major element of the energy-related breakthrough in Poland that we are all awaiting.

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