Expertise for the solar industry: Intersolar Europe Conference 2014

Intersolar Europe 2014 takes place from June 4–6 at Messe München.

Munich, April 03, 2014 – The Intersolar Europe Conference is once again taking place in 2014 alongside Intersolar Europe, the world's largest exhibition for the solar industry. Over 2,000 attendees and some 300 speakers from all corners of the globe are set to meet at the conference and its side events from June 2–4, 2014. The venue for the event is the ICM − Internationales Congress Center München. The conference covers current conditions and developments in the solar industry, as well the latest technologies and trends around the world. The focus is mainly on developments in the markets, and the new area of Renewable Heating. Energy storage will also occupy a special place in the program this year, with several conference sessions dedicated to the topic. This is because the electrical energy storage (ees) exhibition is being hosted by Intersolar Europe for the first time. To kick off the exhibition, a panel discussion with prominent speakers is to shed light on the latest developments in the energy transition.

Intersolar Europe is taking place between June 4−6, 2014 at Messe München in Munich, with over 1,000 exhibitors presenting the entire solar industry supply chain. The Intersolar Europe Conference is to run alongside the exhibition from June 2–4, 2014, expanding on the latest topics affecting the industry. The venue for the conference is the ICM − Internationales Congress Center München. In 40 sessions, including side events, some 2,000 attendees from around the world are set to discuss the latest developments in the solar industry. With the ees exhibition, the issue of energy storage is well covered, with various sessions also offered on the topic. New to the program this year is the area Renewable Heating & Solar Thermal. Selected side events accompany conference events, providing practical insights into the topics discussed. Networking events give attendees the opportunity to exchange ideas and forge contacts.

Prominent speakers for a promising start to the program

On June 4, the opening event of this year's Intersolar Europe in the form of a panel discussion sheds light on the energy transition in Germany and its progress. Prominent representatives from the world of politics, research and industry focus primarily on the different proposals and decisions of the new German government concerning the EEG amendment. Like last year, spectators and attendees can look forward to a controversial discussion about energy policy and industry conditions.

Photovoltaics worldwide – the latest market developments under the spotlight

The first day of the conference focuses on the various political, economic and legal conditions and requirements in different markets, with the latest figures from the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) showing that some 37 gigawatts (GW) of photovoltaic capacity was added globally in 2013. The world's largest increase in 2013 was recorded by the Chinese market with 11.3 GW. Europe is however not far behind, with around 10 GW of capacity added in the same period. In five sessions, experts from all corners of the globe give a detailed account of the individual photovoltaic markets in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Middle East and Africa and how they are developing. What's more, off-grid PV applications can be an important means of energy supply, particularly in rural areas. In the session Off-Grid Markets, professionals therefore discuss the status quo and potential of selected regional markets.

Speakers turn their attention to technology in the sessions on Solar Cell & Module Manufacturing, and Module & Power Plant Quality Assurance, where various manufacturers are set to showcase their technical innovations. Representatives of selected testing and certification institutes are presenting quality assurance approaches and practices. The sustainability of the product life cycle is also covered by the 2014 conference, with the recycling of discarded panels rapidly increasing and their correct disposal now mandatory since 2012 under the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive. This topic is dealt with in the PV Module Collection & Recycling session.

Solar industry prepares for new business models

New business and financing models are being unveiled in a dedicated session on June 3. Industry representatives are to discuss the need to develop new business models for the industry and demonstrate new approaches. For example, the renting or leasing out of roof space to be used for industrial or commercial PV systems represents a promising area of business. On June 4 from 4:00pm–6:00pm, the Industrial and Commercial Rooftop PV Systems sessions looks at this and other topics.
Trends and developments in energy storage systems

In total, seven sessions cover topics from the electrical energy storage (ees) exhibition, which is being hosted by Intersolar Europe this year for the first time. In addition to the opening session on June 2 on storage markets in Europe, USA and Japan, there are also sessions on the different application scenarios, latest technologies and production technologies, battery safety and recycling.

Renewable heating and solar thermal technologies

Intersolar Europe 2014 has expanded its range of topics. The area of Renewable Heating not only includes solar heat generation but also covers renewable heating systems, such as pellet and wood-chip heating systems, as well as energy-efficient technologies, such as mini combined heat and power plants or cogeneration systems and heat pumps. The new areas of Renewable Energy Buildings, and Solar Buildings have been added to the conference program in 2014, accompanied by an outlook on new technologies and the latest developments in the markets. The discussion here on energy-efficient buildings looks particularly at the amended European Buildings Directive (nearly zero energy buildings) and the energy label that is soon to be mandatory in Europe to provide information on energy consumption.

Intersolar Europe 2014 takes place from June 4–6 at Messe München.

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