Beaumont Solar Wins New England SunPower Award

Beaumont Solar, a leader in the New England solar market located in New Bedford, MA, was recently named New England 2013 Dealer of the Year by SunPower , a California-based solar manufacturer whose solar energy systems are the most rigorously tested power systems on the market today.

Beaumont Solar Company Named New England

SunPower Commercial Dealer of the Year

New Bedford, MA – Beaumont Solar, a leader in the New England solar market, was recently named New England 2013 Dealer of the Year by SunPower, a California-based solar manufacturer whose solar energy systems are the most rigorously tested power systems on the market today.

"We are extremely pleased to be distinguished this way," said Phil Cavallo, president and CEO of New Bedford, MA-based Beaumont Solar Company. "We use SunPower solar panels for a large number of our jobs, as they achieve a higher density and harvest more power per kilowatt than other panels within the same footprint. This means we can use fewer solar panels to produce more energy, making it a win-win for the customer. This is especially important in the carport market, which enables a higher value proposition than deploying conventional panels.

"In addition," continued Cavallo, "it's very important to many of our clients that we source American-made products and SunPower has a US-based solar manufacturing facility which enables SunPower to be compliant with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)."

SunPower also builds products in Malaysia and the Philippines, both of which are not subject to the Chinese anti-dumping tariff that is being reviewed by the International Trade Commission.

Among Beaumont Solar's recent projects utilizing SunPower products are Millwork One, a 500kW roof system recently completed in Rhode Island, which utilizes 1,526 SunPower 327watt panels, as well as a 390kW roof system at Shea Concrete Products with 1,184 SunPower solar panels. This rooftop project powers the entire office and production facility, making Shea Concrete a Net Zero company in Amesbury, MA.

SunPower's Dealer of the Year Awards are given to regional dealers who demonstrate exceptional customer service, knowledge and leadership in their region of the United States. The SunPower dealer network includes more than 2,000 dealers worldwide, with approximately 400 located in the U.S.

When asked about his experience with Beaumont Solar, Shea Concrete Manager Gregory Stratis said, "I congratulate Beaumont on this honor. The one thing I can say for certain is that the crew that came out to install our project was fantastic. As a business owner, I would hope that my on-site people represent our company as well as Beaumont's team did."

Stratis' comments echo those of Howard Wenger, SunPower president, regions, when he announced, "As a SunPower Commercial Dealer, Beaumont Solar has demonstrated a level of quality and commitment to excellence exceeding our expectations, and we look forward to their continued success in 2014."

Beaumont has several large scale municipal projects underway in 2014, including a 6MW ground array, and a 2MW landfill superfund site, as well as a commercial rooftop and carport system in Bourne, MA. In 2013, the company completed its seventh year in business, achieving ten-fold growth and employing many local residents as full-time team members.

Beaumont Solar focuses on rooftop, carport, ground array and landfill solar projects to provide predictable, sustainable, low-cost energy to businesses, schools, universities and governmental projects. For more information, visit

About Beaumont Solar Company

Beaumont Solar is one of the leaders in the New England solar market, rising to the
top of the industry by utilizing 100% in-house staff to provide a streamlined, vertically integrated solution for customers. This philosophy allows Beaumont Solar to be at the highest quality standards and at the lowest price or lowest levelized cost of energy (LCOE). For more information, visit

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