„Top Brand PV": Inverters by Samil Power have the third largest market share in Great Britain

In an independent survey by EuPD Research British installers confirm that the Samil Power has a high market penetration and excellent brand awareness. Therefore the inverter manufacturer has been awarded with the "Top Brand PV Seal" in the „inverter" category.

Bonn. Even though there are single inverter brands which still dominate the UK market, Samil Power has made its way towards the top. This is according to the results of an independent market survey of British installers by EuPD Research, the leading market intelligence company in the sustainable business sector. As a manufacturer of solar inverters, Samil Power has been awarded with the "Top Brand PV Seal" in the "inverter" category.

The criteria for awarding the seal are the installers' top ratings for the brand, brand awareness and market penetration within the annual independent installer survey carried out by EuPD Research. This exclusive distinction is awarded by EuPD Research only to those manufacturers who are leaders in the industry. Therefore Samil Power is counted among the top brands of the solar industry in the UK. Each year this "Top Brand PV Seal" is awarded only to a few manufacturers whose brand has been rated well above average by the installers in comparison to its competitors.

As early as 2010 EuPD Research has been developing a method for an independent evaluation for brand management of module and inverter manufacturers. The industry seal is awarded on the basis of a multi-level analysis. The evaluation is based on qualified statements with regards to brand awareness by market intermediaries. Therefore the manufacturers obtain an unfiltered assessment with regards to their own brand and gain access to potential optimization possibilities in brand management. Moreover the Top Brand PV Seal offers traders, installers and end users independent guidance and support when selecting quality brands.

Particularly with reference to its own market share Samil Power could gain significant ground in the United Kingdom. Here, almost one tenth of the installers install and recommend inverters by Samil Power. Justin Claxton, Managing Director of Samil Power UK says; "This recognition confirms the feedback we hear from our customers, and the achievement this award brings based on installer perception suggests we are doing things right. This is a great effort from the whole team in R&D and manufacturing, but also in the UK for the service given".

Oliver Schlenker, Director Marketing Communication International at Samil Power emphasizes: "We are so pleased about the positive feedback from the British installers. This shows that our partners in the UK not only trust the quality and the performance of our inverters but also bank upon our outstanding services and, of course, the brand Samil Power itself. The development of our market share shows that we have made significant ground. This is especially due to the tremendous efforts of the whole Samil Power team in the UK and the cooperative partnership with our customers on-site. We shall continue to pursue this strategy in the future to further strengthen and extend our market position."

Orientation: Marketing intermediaries and end customers rely on the quality seal.

In a very competitive and intensive market a quality seal such as the Top Brand PV Seal not only offers the manufacturers an added value – but marketing agents can stand out from their competitors with a proven high quality range of products. Moreover, for the end user, the quality seal offers a way into an increasingly diverse market. The significance of the seal is comprehensive and offers a high recognition value for the end user.

You can find additional information on Top Brand PV Seal at: www.eupd-research.com/intsolar/pv_seal/.

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