The Final Frontier of HVAC: As Energy Usage Approaches Perpetual Motion

Cue Vent™ residential automated HVAC supply register always directs hot air to rise and cold air to fall saving on energy and proving comfort. This innovation uses an almost other worldly material which solely utilizes the temperature coming out of the vents to make the louvers move automatically!

For the first time in known history, Southern California based technology innovation company Dynalloy, Inc. is making products that perform tasks with no energy waste at all using an almost other worldly metal that contracts when exposed to heat. Coming off of a huge win with Department of Energy's ARPA-E Program (along with General Motors) Dynalloy was looking to implement its low-grade heat harvesting technology into real world applications to help society. Through a chain of events initiated by Dynalloy's customer Titus, this technology is now being revealed to the heating ventilation and air conditioning industry to make homes more efficient.

Utilizing only a 10 degree Celsius difference in temperature, Dynalloy's shape memory alloy metals can change the direction of airflow through vents in a home to direct hot air downward to rise throughout a space, and cold air upwards to fall throughout a space. This makes homes more comfortable because the room temperature is mixed more effectively, and also can save 10-40% on HVAC costs because occupants change their thermostat less often.

Although this is revolutionary in and of itself, the real excitement comes in when it is realized that, not only do these vents make the heater or air conditioner more efficient because these units are on less cycles, but also all the energy the metal actuator takes to move, is given back to the room once the transformation is made. This is as close to perpetual motion as we have ever come as a society. All of the energy that is consumed is given back to the room in heat. Motors, batteries, or anything else that could do this task would consume energy in order to make the vent louvers move, taking away from the "green" aspect.

In addition, any other method to change the airflow pattern would require homeowner intervention and maintenance. But not with the Cue Vent™, which makes the science of airflow carefree, safe, comfortable, and effective.

We can continue to use the antiquated HVAC concepts and products that we have always used, or we can open our thoughts to the idea of innovation, and the future of an industry. The Cue Vent™ is clearly the green and exciting choice!

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