Heat Pumps can help reduce your Energy Reliance and create Savings Of Up To 70% on energy bills.

Centurion, Pretoria - As one of South Africa's leading suppliers of energy saving solutions such as heat heat pumps for both commercial and industrial needs, GMC Thermal Solutions will provide options to help you reduce your energy reliance by reducing your energy consumption by up to 70%.

GMC technicians aren't just trained; they're trained above and beyond the industry expectations to ensure they can professionally help you select the correct equipment for your needs.

Why Heat Pumps?

Heat pumps include a number of different inherent features that make them an exceptional solution for the environmentally minded business owner look to reduce their energy consumption. These systems take advantage of basic principles of thermodynamics and the science of energy transfer to allow the process to happen with a minimum of energy input.

• Heat pumps do not use fossil fuels in their operation, reducing your footprint.

• Their system is designed such that they do not emit any greenhouse gasses.

• The system itself is up to %300 more energy efficient than electric models.

• These all add up to less dependence of fossil fuels, creating a cleaner South Africa.

As an example, the GMCTS19 Heat Pump provides an excellent example of this form of efficiency. This unit has been used in construction projects ranging from factories to hospitals, and is well suited to meeting the needs of all of these. With its high efficiency shell and tube heat exchanger, working in conjunction with its microcomputer controller that has a built in timer function, it will respond to your buildings needs based on your specifications. This ensures that no energy is wasted in its operations, the device being configured specifically for your needs.

Heat Pumps operate in any sort of temperature, with a range of efficiency between -10°C to 43°C, but able to continue operations even outside of these. With this kind of versatility you never have to worry about your system becoming inoperative or compromised by seasonal changes. GMC will ensure that the equipment you are provided will be able to operate within the tolerances of your location, while meeting the needs of your business.

These pieces of equipment are the best in alternatives for heating and hot water systems. The heat pump technology has finally come into its own after over 100 years of being discovered. These systems are installed by GMC Thermal Solutions all over South Africa, making it the premier heating solution provider.

What makes GMC Thermal Solutions your best choice for a Green Energy provider?

With a 70% power saving, our Green Energy reducing Heat Pump units have a direct impact on the use of electricity and the reduction of "fossil" fuel in the environment. The units also incorporate the "green" gas (R407a), as required by the Montreal Protocol.
GMC Thermal Solutions has been in business in South Africa for over 18 years, with an impeccable reputation and 1000's of clients providing revolutions.

Our adherence to our own values and those of our clients puts us at the forefront of the industry, providing high quality energy efficient products. Our philosophies drive us to constantly push the boundaries of quality eco friendly energy saving products.

We provide some of the most advanced equipment available in the HVAC industry today. Not satisfied with the basic pieces of equipment on the market, we raised the bar, incorporating features not available in other systems to keep our technology at the bleeding edge. Getting a Green Thermal solution from GMC gives you:

• A suite of safety features built into the unit
• The most resilient and reliant components on the market today
• Microcomputer management of system activity, keeping it active only when you need it.
• Fault diagnosis handled by an automatic system.
• Our equipment is configured to be the most efficient to be found on the market today.
• Efficiency further enhanced by a built-in automatic coil defrost system.
• Operable in any weather, keeping your electric bill and footprint down year round.

It's time to consider a new approach to your heating solutions by stepping aboard this revolutionary application of an age old science. Boilers and electrical systems cannot provide you the efficiency of these systems, as their dependence on high energy and fossil fuel systems serve to make your system much less eco-friendly.

So contact the leader in Thermal Solution products today, where a philosophy of maintaining a corporate environment of mutual respect and constant improvement drives our innovative research and creating a greener environment for us all. We aim to be South Africa's first choice in Energy Saving Solutions for years to com. We strive to exceed the expectations of the industry, and the satisfaction of our customers.

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