Silicon Valley ‘flexible PV' experts choose SunGift to spearhead their UK drive

Tigo ‘add on' allows panels to work independently and is compatible with all module brands

Silicon Valley ‘smart module optimisation' company Tigo is looking to become a key player in the UK solar PV market, and it's chosen Devon-based solar experts SunGift Trade to help them boost their sales.

SunGift will hold stock of the Tigo Dual Maximiser (a solar module optimiser) and its Maximiser Management Unit (a wireless network communication tool).

These ‘add ons' work with all brands and enable installers to create systems where each module works independently. This gives greater flexibility, enabling more energy to be produced and enhances safety and reliability.

"Tigo's range is a is a real breakthrough," said Scott Oldfield from SunGift Trade, "which we've been monitoring and testing on our test array for some time. One of the stand-out benefits of the technology is that it enables installers to design systems where each module works independently. This gives greater flexibility, enabling more energy to be produced, enhancing safety and reliability.

The Tigo optimisers also enable installers to split strings across multiple roofs while still allowing more energy to be produced.

"A string of solar panels is only as good as the weakest panel in the string, which can underperform significantly if it is shaded or has dirt on it," added Scott. "However, as the Tigo system allows modules to work independently, each one can work to its optimum capacity. This works perfectly for systems that either have shading in certain areas or that are split across multiple roofs. Normally systems on multiple roofs need more multiple inverters, but with Tigo one correctly-sized inverter is enough."

Installers that are interested in Tigo as an add-on to existing systems or to include in new systems that they are installing can order them direct from SunGift Trade (01392 213912,

Christian Carraro, European sales representative from Tigo, said: "We are tremendously exited about this opportunity and looking forward to working with SunGift Trade. They will have a constant stock of our products and direct access to us for technical support, so we're expecting to see increasing numbers of our solar module optimisers and management units being used by UK installers."

In the next few months SunGift will also be hosting a training session for installers run by one of Tigo's technical experts. For more information and to book your place in advance contact SunGift Trade –

About Sungift Trade
SunGift Trade is the distribution arm of award-winning renewable energy installer SunGift Solar. Formerly known as SGS Trade, it has recently changed its brand name so that it is more closely associated with its parent company, which has been installing bespoke renewable energy systems for more than seven years and has grown up with many of the world's leading manufacturers and built strong relationships with them. SunGift is now using this superior knowledge to distribute to and educate other installers about the best products in the marketplace.

About SunGift Energy
SunGift Energy is a renewable energy specialist that offers a personal design service and tailored systems to meet its customers' exact requirements. It fits a whole range of renewable energy technologies – from solar panels and ground-source heat pumps to biomass boilers and small wind turbines.

Formed in 2005 by owner Gabriel Wondrausch, the friendly Exeter-based company employs 30 members of staff, and was one of the first installers in Devon to be accredited to the government's microgeneration scheme. SunGift Solar is acclaimed by the industry, winning the 2011 and 2009 South West Green Energy Award for Renewable Energy Installer or Supplier of the Year, and finishing runner up in the same category in 2010 and 2012.

Using the highest-quality systems is an important part of SunGift Energy's philosophy, and it constantly strives to use the latest, cutting-edge equipment, combined with the highest standards of workmanship.

For further information contact SunGift on 01392 213912, or visit

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