RGS Energy's Sunetric Designs and Deploys Its First Solar-to-Grid Curtailment Solution on the Island of Kauai

Solar Solution Provides Energy Curtailment to Overcome Utility Grid Saturation Concerns

LOUISVILLE, Colo. and KAILUA, Hawaii, June 17, 2014 --

Sunetric, a wholly-owned subsidiary of RGS Energy (Nasdaq:RGSE), has
deployed a 198.8 kilowatt (kW) photovoltaic (PV) system with automated
curtailment and smart-grid controls at a popular beachfront resort on the
island of Kauai in Hawaii. The system is funded and owned by Kairos Energy
Capital, a Hawaii-based merchant bank which finances and invests in solar.

The system assures all electricity generated by the PV system is consumed by
the local facility and not fed back into the utility grid.
This reduces the impact on the local circuit and makes it easier for the
island's electric utility provider, Kauai Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC),
to manage the grid.

The solution addresses the concerns of KIUC and other utilities regarding
"grid saturation," where electricity generated by a solar PV system exceeds
the maximum amount allowed on a particular circuit.
Since Sunetric's PV system intelligently avoids flowing electricity back
onto the grid, it resolves this issue while providing customers the economic
and environmental benefits of solar energy.

This Kauai project incorporates solar panels onto a parking canopy and is
expected to save the resort more than $30,000 annually in energy costs. KIUC
has been closely monitoring the PV system through interval data and confirms
the solar array has not exported power to the grid.
The Sunetric engineering team spent four months developing, testing and
implementing this custom solution, which now serves as an excellent model
for PV installations where interconnection capacity is a concern.

"We partnered with Sunetric to deploy this unique solution because they are
one of the largest and most well established local solar developers and
installers in Hawaii," said Larry Gilbert, managing partner and CEO at
Kairos Energy Capital. "The Sunetric team brought great engineering know-how
and top-notch service to the project, which has become one of our most
innovative solar technologies to date. Sunetric now supports our ongoing
efforts to help businesses 'go green' by adopting solar."

Sunetric's president, Aaron Kirk, commented: "We are committed to meeting
our customers' special requirements, and we thrive on tackling challenges
like this one that involve designing and installing an unconventional
curtailment system. It represents our first solar-to-grid curtailment
solution that overcomes utility grid saturation concerns common in the
Hawaiian Islands. This popular Kauai resort has now created a more
sustainable future for themselves and their guests, and we expect other
Hawaii resort properties to follow."

About Kairos Energy CapitalKairos Energy Capital is a Hawaii-based merchant
bank which finances and invests in solar, wind and other renewable energy
projects in Hawaii. Kairos and its principals were the first Hawaii-based
company to successfully implement commercial power purchase agreement
financing for solar PV in Hawaii, and continue to be one of the leading
providers of PPA financing for commercial, non-profit and condominium solar
projects. For more information, visit www.kairosenergycapital.com.

About SunetricSunetric is one of the largest and most experienced solar
developers and integrators in Hawaii. As a full-service solar energy firm,
the company handles every stage of the design, development and installation
of photovoltaic systems on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai and the Big
Island. Sunetric is a wholly owned subsidiary of RGS Energy. For more
information, visit http://sunetric.com/.

About RGS EnergyRGS Energy (Nasdaq:RGSE) is one of the nation's pioneering
solar energy companies serving commercial, residential, and utility
customers. Beginning with one of the very first photovoltaic panels sold to
the public in the U.S. in 1978, the company has installed more than 22,500
solar power systems representing over 235 megawatts of 100% clean renewable
energy. RGS Energy makes it very convenient for customers to save on their
energy bills by providing a comprehensive solar solution, from design,
financing, permitting and installation to ongoing monitoring, maintenance
and support.

As one of the nation's largest and most experienced solar power players, the
company has 20 offices across the U.S. For more information, visit
RGSEnergy.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/rgsenergy and on Twitter at
https://twitter.com/rgsenergy. RGS Energy is a trade name and RGS Energy
makes filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission under its official
name "Real Goods Solar, Inc."

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