Intersolar 2014 - Bornay presents its Solar Microstation in the sector's largest international fair, in Munich

Intersolar receives 44.000 visitors in three days

A total of 44.000 visitors attended Intersolar, the solar industry's largest fair, held in Munich from 4 to 6 June. Bornay, which attended as an exhibitor for the first time, obtained very positive results from its stay in the German city, where it joined more than 1.100 exhibiting firms related to the solar energy sector.

The fair attracted visitors from 145 countries who could see the products and services presented by the firms in the whole supply chain of the solar industry. Bornay, for its part, promoted its aerogenerators and the Solar Microstation, a new product in the company's catalog that is being very well received on the part of the public and that was prominent at the Intersolar fair.

"Thanks to a solar panel, the Solar Microstation allows us to connect a light bulb or charge a mobile telephone anywhere in the world, an easy and inexpensive way to furnish the basic electrical services," explained Juan de Dios Bornay, general director of Bornay and the firm's ambassador in Munich.

The Solar Microstation is composed of a 20 Watt solar panel, two 3 Watt LED light bulbs, and a set of USB connectors. Inside it has a Li-ion battery capable of storing energy and providing it for the uses of the system with an autonomy of 8 hours. It also has a USB connector where any type of mobile telephone can be recharged, as well as two RJ10 connectors where the LED bulbs are connected.

Bornay has designed this Solar Microstation with varied uses in mind, from illumination in shelters or for those doing outdoor sports to such important situations as covering the basic necessities of electricity and communication in areas with no service, and in developing countries.

Besides photovoltaic energy and the production technologies, Intersolar presented innovative solutions for the storing of energy, one of the greatest challenges for the energy transition in the electricity market.

In relation to this subject, Bornay gave an interesting presentation at the BSW stand, in which it showed the rural electrification project carried out in Venezuela for the electrification of 73 communities with as many as 40 homes, a medical center and a school.

Bornay has always worked with a very responsible company policy that includes activities in international projects that attempt to make the lives of others easier, and its presentation was based on support and collaboration in completely underprivileged areas like Tanzania, the Congo or certain communities of Venezuela.

During its time at Intersolar, Bornay held meetings with various customers and suppliers. Among the most important of these was a session including networking with the "Alliance for Rural Electrification", an association that works very actively in matters of rural electrification, especially in developing countries, and of which Bornay is a member.

Furthermore, attendance at Intersolar was made to coincide with the announcement of the company's new price list, which presents a general decrease, with reductions of between 2% and 40%, and affects practically all the products in the Bornay catalog.

Juan de Dios Bornay explained that "Bornay's commitment also extends to our customers," adding that "the good work performed by our commercial department and the confidence of our customers in the Bornay trademark lead to an increase in sales and the rotation of our products. These two factors, together with the confidence of our suppliers, affect our customers in the end, providing a multiple, and in some cases, substantial reduction in our prices." The firm's director declared that Bornay's philosophy is based, among other things, on service and collaboration with its customers: "We consider it part of our responsibility to stand by them when they most need it, working better and offering them greater profitability."

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