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HNO has developed a unique and interesting video, which tells the story of diesel engine particulate matter emissions and how the LeefH2 system can help with its reduction and or elimination.

Temecula, CA, June 26, 2014--Recognizing the health and environmental concerns related to particulate matter emissions created by diesel engines, HNO Green Fuels researchers have been investigating ways to increase the combustion efficiency of diesel engines; thereby lowering particulate matter emissions and increasing fuel economy. This research and development has led to eight granted patents and the creation of the LeefH2™ System.

HNO has developed a unique and interesting video, which tells the story of diesel engine particulate matter emissions and how the LeefH2™ system can help with its reduction and or elimination.

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LeefH2™, which stands for Leveraging Energy Efficient Fuel with Hydrogen, promotes combustion efficiency and reduces particulate matter emissions in all types of hydrocarbon-based fuels by adding hydrogen to the air used for combustion. Hydrogen increases the laminar flame speed of virtually all hydrocarbon fuels, causing far more fuel to be burned during the combustion process, thereby lowering the amount of unburned fuel exiting the exhaust. Less unburned fuels equates to less particulate matter emissions. Increasing combustion efficiency also reduces fuel consumption and lowers green house gases.

Particulate matter emissions from diesel engines, jets and other combustion sources have been universally declared to be one of the major causes of respiratory illness and cancer deaths to human beings, a major contributor to the poor air quality of many cities and also a major contributor to global climate change by most governments and environmental institutions.

Not only is the LeefH2™ great for the environment, but also can help companies with their bottom lines. In EPA-approved independent labs, the LeefH2™ has increased fuel efficiency for diesel engines at idle by at least twelve percent (12%) and up to twenty four (24%) percent with certain classes of gasoline engines.

About HNO Green Fuels
Located in Southern California, HNO Green Fuels, Inc. is a manufacturing, distribution, and research and development company specializing in reducing particulate matter emissions in combustion engines, improving combustion efficiency and fuel economy,and producing breathable oxygen. HNO stands for "Hydrogen and Oxygen", the two main components of water (H2O), which is the extremely abundant catalyst that we use to increase the combustion efficiency of hydrocarbon-based fuels. Breathable oxygen is a byproduct of our process of improving combustion efficiency and fuel economy.

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