A total of 50 speakers, over 20 exhibitors and sponsors, and 518 visitors from 10 countries participated in the event in Beijing.

The recent staging of Energy Storage China 2014, 3rd International

Conference and Expo on Energy Storage in China, closed to successful reviews
and confirmed that the steady growth of global energy storage results in
promising opportunities in the Chinese market. A total of 50 speakers, over
20 exhibitors and sponsors, and 518 visitors from 10 countries participated
in the event in Beijing. In addition, more than 50 journalists attended the
conference and published reports on-site.

Energy Storage China 2014 was jointly organized by the China Energy
Storage Alliance (CNESA) and Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (MDS)
with the support of the China National Energy Administration. The conference
program included sessions and workshops on energy storage technologies as
well as project visits.

The two-day conference and expo focused on the core topic "Development
Opportunities of Energy Storage of New Urbanization" and discussed themes
such as "solar-plus-storage" models and solutions, the latest energy storage
policies and market trends both at home and abroad, energy storage
applications in smart cities, buildings and traffic systems as well as
decentralized solar and energy storage systems. The development of
decentralized "solar-plus-storage" driven by multiple investment and
financing models, advanced energy storage technology demands and solutions,
renewable energy storage technologies and renewable energy batteries were
also high on the agenda.

"The theme of the conference focused on three sectors: promoting energy
storage policies, pushing basic R&D technology and seeking more
opportunities for energy storage applications. Through the conference, we
invited global energy storage corporations and related industry players to
join the discussion, creating a better platform of cooperation and exchange
for everyone and promoting the industry's development," stated Zhang Jing,
Managing Director of the China Energy Storage Alliance.

Heiko Stutzinger, Head of Renewable Energy Fairs of Messe Düsseldorf GmbH
and Board Member of the German Energy Storage Association (BVES), is pleased
with the result of the conference: "I think China experienced significant
progress in the last two years and needs to catch up with the developments
because there are very aggressive renewable targets. If you have a lot of
renewable fluctuating into grid, you actually need storage in order to
balance it. In China, I have seen a huge interest from regulation side, grid
side and utility side, which is a good sign. I would encourage everybody to
attend our Energy Storage China Conference, get the foot on the ground, make
your contacts, be here to raise your flag, show your branding to seize the
business opportunities."

At the opening plenary, Tina Zhang, Secretary-General of CNESA, presented
the Energy Storage Industry Research Whitepaper 2014: According to the
energy storage project database established by the CNESA, the global energy
storage industry is growing steadily despite setbacks in 2013 - such as the
bankruptcy of leading companies like A123 and Xtreme Power and the shutdown
of some energy storage projects.

Fully supported by Chinese and international organizations, Energy
Storage China 2014 did not only invite leading Chinese experts but also
renowned international experts to inform about the major policies and
influences in the energy storage industry in the U.S., India and Europe, the
operations of micro-grid system in California and the "solar-plus-storage"
opportunities based on popularization of PV generation action plans in the
U.S and Germany. The international specialists included Dr. Imre Gyuk
(Energy Storage Systems Research Program Manager, US Department of Energy),
Dr. Rahul Walawalkar (Founder & Executive Director, India Energy Storage
Alliance), Janice Lin (Co-Founder and Executive Director, California Energy
Storage Alliance) and Tobias Rothacher (Senior Manager, Energy, Environment
& Resources, Germany Trade & Invest GmbH).

Dr. Imre Gyuk directs several energy storage research programs and funds
in the US Department of Energy, supports and manages research work related
to advanced energy storage cells, FESS, super capacitors, and compressed air
technologies. Presently, there is US$1.85 million incentive funds under his
supervision to be applied for grid-level energy storage demonstration
projects which may enlarge energy storage capacity 10 times.

As Executive Director of California Energy Storage Alliance and
Chairwoman of the Global Energy Storage Alliance Executive Committee, Janice
Lin is an active member of different regulatory bodies in California and
appointed key participant in drafting US first grid-level "Energy Storage
Regulations". She has more than 20 years professional experience in US
renewable energy project administration, product development and corporate
strategic planning, and is dedicated to energy storage applications in the
grid-level market and in the power system as well as their value
orientation, and also devoted to helping all kinds of multinational
companies to evaluate the market value of participating in clean energy.

During the conference, Wang Zhongying (Director, Center for Renewable
Energy Development, Energy Research Institute, China National Development
and Reform Commission), Wang Sicheng (Senior Researcher, Energy Research
Institute, NDRC) and Dr. Liang Hao (Associate Professor, CSTC of Ministry of
Housing and Urban-Rural Development), discussed the policy driven market
boost for energy storage and decentralized PV in China, the impact of
incentive policy for distributed PV and the opportunity of energy storage,
the BIPV policies and prospects as well as key trends of the Ministry of
Science and Technology supported energy storage technologies.

Energy Storage China 2014 had the strong support of both domestic and
international organizations including the National Energy Administration,
the German Energy Storage Association, the California Energy Storage
Alliance, the India Energy Storage Alliance, Germany Trade & Invest GmbH,
German Chambers of Commerce, the Independent Power Producers Forum, the
China Electricity Council, the China Renewable Energy Society, the China
Electrical Equipment Industry Association, the China Energy Research Society
New Energy Special Committee, the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics
under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the State-Local Joint Research
Center for Solar Photovoltaic Materials and Equipment.

Energy Storage China is a member of the global energy storage conference
and expo series, supported by Global Energy Storage Alliance (GESA) and
organized by Messe Düsseldorf and its regional partners. The other events in
this program include the second Energy Storage North America (September 30 -
October 2, 2014 in San Jose, California), the first Energy Storage Summit
Japan (November 6, 2014 in Tokyo), the second Energy Storage India (December
3 - 5, 2014 in New Delhi) as well as the fourth Energy Storage Europe (March
9 - 11, 2015 in Düsseldorf, Germany).

The next Energy Storage China is schedule in June 2015 in Beijing. For
information on visiting or exhibiting at Energy Storage China 2015 or any of
the other energy storage conferences and expos in the Messe Düsseldorf
program, contact Messe Düsseldorf North America, 150 North Michigan Avenue,
Suite 2920, Chicago, IL 60601. Telephone: (312) 781-5180; Fax: (312)
781-5188; E-mail:; Visit our web
sites http://www.ESCexpo,com and; Subscribe to
our blog at; Follow us on twitter

Speaker statements about Energy Storage China 2014

Hu Xuehao, Chief Expert, China Electrical Power Research Institute:
"Quite a lot of high-level attendees were invited to participate in Energy
Storage China 2014. Especially the overseas speakers were knowledgeable
experts, who brought the latest information to China. Most of the
participants got business contacts with the speakers, exhibitors and other
attendees. This is very important."

Lai Xiaokang, Director of Electrical Engineering and New Material
Department, China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI):
"Recent developments of energy storage are still mainly focusing on
scientific research. Due to the technical difficulties the industry is
facing, innovative thinking and patience is needed and Energy Storage China
is the perfect platform for all the industry's players."

Janice Lin, Co-Founder and Executive Director, California Energy Storage
"This is my second time to attend Energy Storage China. I've been here two
years ago. The conference was great. I've already seen a lot of great
progress. There are many international attendances here at this conference
and I am very excited."

Dr. Imre Gruk, Energy Storage Systems Research Program Manager, US
Department of Energy:
"Regarding the cooperation between China and the U.S., we should promote
information exchange. IP protection is also important. We are advanced
enough in energy storage in this field and the technology is also advanced
enough in China and we should therefore not have to be concerned about IP
protection. We also need to explore the market and be aware of demonstration
projects in the two countries."

Andrew Kwon, Senior Director of Marketing & Business Development for Energy
Storage, Samsung SDI:
"Since 2009, I have been involved with Messe Düsseldorf and participated in
the Energy Storage North America forum and the Energy Storage Japan forum. I
was expecting 5 years and now that such conferences and expos exist in
several countries such as Germany, North America, Japan, India and China, I
think I can take time off."

Dr. Rahul Walawalkar, Founder & Executive Director, India Energy Storage
"In the short-term, the existing investment and expected cost reduction in
China will enable India to grow the energy storage sector much faster. Then
India will set up its own manufacturing and bring down the cost in the
country. It will be a win-win situation for both China and India."

Tom Stepien, CEO, Primus Power:
"This is my first attendance at Energy Storage China. I take part in many
energy storage conferences in Washington, D.C. and other cities in North
America. What was great here is that we see participants which we did not
see at the other events. We don't have that type of exposure at home in the
U.S. That is one of the reasons why we come here."

Tobias Rothoacher, Senior Manager of Energy, Environment & Resources,
Germany Trade & Invest GmbH:
"Now we are quite on target with Chinese companies. A lot of Chinese firms
are interested in Germany. Energy Storage China 2014 is really impressive. I
think the industry leaders are here and most of them are C-level CEOs, CTOs
and CFOs. I met a lot of people and I will stay here a little bit longer and
use the next two days to touch base with some of the people I got to know
here. The conference had high-profile participants, excellent content and
perfect organization. Energy Storage China is a good event."

Steve Hellman, President, Eos Energy Storage:
"Energy Storage China 2014 offers a great opportunity to meet so many people
involved in this emerging industry in China. It is evident that energy
storage is of very high priority for the government and businesses involved
in this sector. This is a tremendously active and challenging opportunity
for companies like us to begin working in China. I appreciate the
opportunity to be in Beijing in order to meet all the attendees and speakers
and discuss precisely how we can work with the Chinese market."

Jochen Kreusel, Group Senior Vice President, Smart Grids Sector Initiative,
ABB Ltd.:
"I was impressed by the topics discussed and also by the good international

Jiang Liping, President, State Grid Energy Research Institute:
"Energy Storage is a promising industry. The key factor for its development
is policy and regulation. Energy Storage China 2014 provides a good platform
for everyone involved in this industry to explore its future development."

Zhu Li, Professor & Doctoral Supervisor of School of Architecture, Tianjin
"Energy Storage China 2014 is an international conference. I think that the
energy storage industry will definitely grow fast with high demand. There
are opportunities as well as challenges. The conference was very successful
and provided a lot of information. I learned a lot."

Dr. Chen Haisheng, Director, Energy Storage Research Center Institute of
Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences:
"I think Energy Storage China 2014 is the best conference for energy storage
in China. It provided a perfect communication platform for technology,
market and regulations."

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