UGE receives $77,000 Project Award from Energy Department for Third Party Testing of VisionAIR3 Turbine

Vertical axis wind turbine to undergo full battery of IEC series tests for AWEA 9.1 Certification, increasing competitiveness within the industry

(New York, NY)-- UGE (, the global leader in distributed renewable energy, was the recipient of a $77,000 project award by the Energy Department's (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), aimed at expanding the competitiveness of the U.S. wind industry. As a result of the award, UGE's VisionAIR3 vertical axis wind turbine will undergo extensive third party testing, performed by the Nationally Recognized Test Lab, Intertek, culminating in AWEA 9.1 certification and placing it in an elite class for turbines of this type.

Third party testing and certification will increase the competitiveness of the VisionAIR3 turbine within the industry, opening up its eligibility for government incentives and providing a greater level of confidence for project financiers interested in profitable returns. The testing will ensure that the VisionAIR3 meets optimum efficiency standards, utilizing Intertek's expertise in wind technology testing at its regional center. The $77,000 grant will allow the VisionAIR3 to join UGE's VisionAIR5 turbine, which is currently on its way towards AWEA 9.1 certification.

"Advancing efficient renewable energy technology is essential to combating climate change and mitigating its imminent threat. NREL's National Wind Technology Center and the support of regional testing centers have been instrumental in advancing distributed wind systems, which provide a carbon-free alternative to conventional generators," said Scott Van Pelt, Director of Engineering at UGE. "Thanks to the generous project support of DOE, undergoing the certification process will demonstrate the high power density and advanced efficiency of UGE's small wind turbines."

The DOE project award expands U.S leadership in domestic and international distributed wind markets, and specifically focuses on companies like UGE that specialize in distributed power to generate electricity on-site, and independent from the grid. Vertical-axis wind turbines like the VisonAIR3 are designed to catch winds from any direction, with a structure that provides maximum efficiency in a diverse range of locations and is able to operate without costly and inefficient transmission lines.

UGE's turbines currently produce energy on-site at commercial buildings in more than 80 countries around the world, ranging from dense urban locations to remote islands. The VisionAIR3 turbine is also virtually silent, emitting an estimated 41 decibels at 5 miles per second, a sound level equivalent to a human whisper.

NREL supports U.S. small and midsize wind turbine manufacturers that demonstrate a strong commitment to improving their ability to compete in the global distributed wind market space. The project results are expected to lead to an increase in the number of U.S. certified wind turbines produced by US companies, while simultaneously reducing the levelized cost of energy.

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With projects in 90 countries, including installations for several Fortune 100 companies, UGE is changing the face of distributed renewable energy at a global scale. UGE puts enterprise users in control of their energy source by deploying hybrid solar, wind and storage solutions, from commercial facilities to telecom towers in developing countries, by leveraging its proprietary modular platform.

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