Utility-Scale Solar Farm Will Supply 40MW to Grid

Innovative Solar Systems, LLC has received approval and has a 40MW Solar Farm project that is construction ready in Bladen County, North Carolina.

Asheville, NC August 22, 2014

Innovative Solar Systems is a developer of large Utility Scale Solar Farm projects here in the United States and is very excited to announce approval on the company's upcoming 40MW solar farm in Ivanhoe, NC. This project will employ approximately 135,000 solar panels which will be located on a pristine tract of land that encompasses several hundred acres and is perfect for due south orientation of the energy power plant. John Green, CEO of ISS states that the solar industry has exploded here in the United States and solar farms as investments are gaining popularity with large and small investors alike due to available returns.

Utility-Scale solar farm projects are always a welcome addition to the counties and states where they are built due to added jobs and revenues in those areas. This project in Ivanhoe will supply enough clean energy to area for approximately 12,000 homes. Coal fired powered power plants are almost a thing of the past and solar farms are quickly replacing these old and obsolete plants at a record pace. Companies like ISS are also partnering with solar equipment companies, equity funds and private investors to assure that the company's large array of projects get built out in a timely manner.

Solar farm type investments have become a hot commodity with investors and investment groups due to their lower risk level and overall rate of returns. ISS looks for projects to develop in key states across the United States and abroad that make the most sense for its buyers and investors. Buyers of our projects want two things states CEO John E. Green of ISS, they want stable long term returns and a quality installed project by a company with proven experience like Innovative Solar Systems. A 40MW project like this one being installed in Bladen County will cost approximately $100,000,000 and provide substantial benefits to the community and state when commissioned.

Innovative Solar Systems has been an industry leader in the field of solar farm development and believes the cornerstone of being successful in the solar business is to provide a better engineered and developed project at competitive pricing. ISS has one of the largest revolving portfolios of "Shovel Ready" solar farm projects in the United States and sells projects to investors and buyers of all types from around the world. Usually buyers seeking either construction ready or turnkey solar farm projects are quite happy when introduced to ISS states Green, company partner and CEO. Call Innovative Solar Systems today at (828)-215-9064 to learn more about this project and other solar farm projects ready for immediate sale.

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