275MW's of Solar Farms Offered to Credit Worthy Investors Under New Program

With the Arrival of New Financial Partners Innovative Solar Systems, LLC has rolled out an exciting new program whereby Investors in Renewable Energy can purchase fully built utility scale solar farms at COD, thus eliminating possible risks during construction.

Asheville, NC September 08, 2014

Innovative Solar Systems, LLC has just announced a new purchase sales program that the developer of large scale solar farm projects here in the United States has just recently implemented. Most institutional size investors, hedge funds and capital wealth groups have long wanted to add large groups of hundred million dollar plus solar farm assets to the company's portfolios, however, few wanted to assume construction financing and the risks associated with building large scale solar energy power plants. Through a newly introduced program offered by ISS buyers now have the ability to merely go through a pre-qualification process and then place a simple and non-binding letter of intent to purchase these mega solar farms at a predetermined price at or before commissioning time.

As one of the largest developers of renewable energy projects in the United States ISS is very excited to have found a financial partner that makes this all possible and thus opens up purchasing of these large solar plants by groups that would normally not be comfortable buying solar farms at shovel ready state. ISS has been in the news over the last several months due to the fact that the company has one of the largest portfolios of solar farms every developed and approved in the state of North Carolina. In fact a company spokesman for ISS states that the company currently has the three (3) single largest projects every approved in that state, two 80MW solar farms and a 75MW solar farm project, all scheduled to start construction by first quarter of 2015. ISS also has many 35MW, 40MW, and 50MW projects in various stages of construction for 2014/2015 while late stage projects are still coming out of approvals.

Large capital groups have been calling ISS for years wanting to purchase the companies large projects, but most of those large capital wealth groups and funds wanted ISS to finance everything and agree to sell at COD at a fixed price, this had not been an option in the past for ISS due to large upfront capital outlays, but this newly introduced program now makes this a reality. These mega scale solar farm projects require that a developer move rapidly to construction once approvals are obtained for many reasons and having your financial partner ready to fund these projects makes the process quite easy states CEO, John Green of ISS. Companies seeking to place a Letter of Intent to purchase any of the available projects in the current ISS portfolio are urged to call (828)-215-9064 today to learn more.

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