Next Generation Energy® Presents Natural Gas Option Sun Bandit® Solar Hybrid Water Heating Systems

Next Generation Energy® releases a natural gas option for the Sun Bandit® Solar Hybrid Water Heating System. With no net-metering required for installation or operation, providing the choice of a natural gas or propane backup energy source gives more people the freedom to choose energy independence.

LAFAYETTE, CO – Sept. 19, 2014 – Next Generation Energy® releases a new natural gas option for the Sun Bandit® Solar Hybrid Water Heating System, allowing users to choose natural gas or propane as the system's backup energy source. Sun Bandit® uses solar photovoltaic (PV) components and patent pending technologies to capture the free energy of the sun to meet hot water demands with electricity and now natural gas or propane serving as backup to ensure a reliable supply of hot water. This solar hybrid water heater features four resistive elements that can accommodate up to 4,960 watts of micro-grid power and a 76,000 BTU natural gas or propane burner. With the addition of a natural gas option, the Sun Bandit® is now available to even more people.

Sun Bandit® Solar Hybrid Water Heating Systems combine revolutionary new Sun Bandit® AC micro-grid technology with a Sun Bandit® hybrid water heater to provide a renewable energy solution that offers unrivaled functionality and dependability while incurring far less installation, equipment and maintenance costs than any other solar water heating system on the market. Sun Bandit® is uniquely designed so that it does not require net metering or grid-tie connection for installation or operation, allowing it to operate independently from the main electrical grid and provide free hot water even during a power outage. With no fluids or mechanical components to maintain or wear out, Sun Bandit® gives more people in more places the freedom to choose a simple, clean, quiet and reliable renewable energy solution that utilizes the free energy of the sun to heat water, reduce utility costs, and increase energy independence.

"By giving users the option to choose natural gas or propane as their backup energy source, we are allowing even more people to use the Sun Bandit® Solar Hybrid Water Heating System to enjoy simple, clean, and dependable solar hot water," Next Generation Energy® CEO, Dave Kreutzman said.

The Sun Bandit® Solar Hybrid Water Heating System is the simplest way to employ solar power for domestic water heating, and provides an opportunity for everyone to contribute to true energy independence with a clean energy solution that is simple to choose, easy to install and ready to enjoy.

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