GameChange Pioneers Unattached Roof PV Racking System for Seismic Areas

GameChange Racking's unattached (floating) option for our the GC Roof System facilitates the installation process and significantly reduces the associated time and costs.

NEW YORK – September 22nd, 2014 – Due to in house engineering expertise with a strong background in seismic issues, GameChange Racking is now able to provide customers with both attached and unattached (floating) ballasted roof racking systems which meet the California DSA and SEAOC requirements. The unattached roof system not only facilitates the installation process, but also has the ability to reduce the seismic forces on the existing building structures.

Martin Lashgari, Structural Engineer (R&D and earthquake specialist) at GameChange Racking, said:

"As the solar industry pioneer, we are proud to announce that we have been able to develop an unattached roof solar racking system that satisfies requirements by DSA and SEAOC. This is a unique offering for the customers who cannot use penetrations on their roofs. We feel DSA has made an intelligent move to support unattached solar racking seismic design as reported in the SEAOC PV1-2012 'Structural Seismic Requirements and Commentary for Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Arrays'.

GameChange Racking's unattached (floating) option for our the GC Roof System facilitates the installation process and significantly reduces the associated time and costs. Our unattached (floating) racking option is designed with the ability to slide slightly on the roof surface during moderate to earthquakes. Additionally, as opposed to the attached racking design concept, this system has the potential to reduce the seismic forces on the building structure. We also offer our GC Roof System with attachments to the roof for those jurisdictions which have not yet adopted the unattached (floating) design concept."

Features of the GC Roof System:

*Two snap-together components for fast install
*Starts $0.099/watt (2 MW, 335 watt panels, 50 snow, 110 wind, 5° tilt)
*Integrated wire management allows for string wiring before panelizing
*Integrated grounding with GameChange ETL/UL 467 teethed panel clamps
*ETL/UL 2703 tested
*Bankability technical assessment by Black & Veatch
*Wind tunnel tested by industry leader CPP

About GameChange Racking

GameChange Racking LLC provides solar racking systems which combine fast installation, quality and unbeatable value for both ground and rooftop applications. GameChange is based on the concept of simple innovative design and large scale volume manufacturing. All GameChange products are designed and tested to meet rigorous environmental conditions and manufactured in compliance with strict industry standards.

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