Australian Conservation Foundation Goes Greener with the Enphase Microinverter System

High-tech solar system for iconic Green Building in Melbourne

All Energy 2014

MELBOURNE, Australia--Enphase Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ:ENPH), today announced that the Australian Conservation Foundation has installed a 15-kilowatt solar PV system with Enphase Microinverters at its iconic Melbourne headquarters, the 60L Green Building. The system was launched on August 22 before an audience of industry, media and community groups.

Andrew Gemmell, 60L building manager at the Australian Conservation Foundation said, "It's important for us to set a strong example for corporate Australia, especially at a time when commercial solar is starting to take off. Solar remains a crucial way for households and businesses to cut greenhouse pollution and future-proof themselves against the inevitable rising cost of energy."

In the mid-1990s the Australian Conservation Foundation decided it would make its own headquarters an example of a best practice sustainable commercial building. The 60L Green Building opened for business in 2002, with a focus on energy and water conservation and the use of recycled materials.

Working with limited rooftop space, system designer and installer Going Solar maximised energy production potential by mounting the system north-facing, with some modules flat to the roof and others on a 10-degree tilt.

Going Solar project manager, Graham Sutherland, said, "The Australian Conservation Foundation wanted premium solar components to ensure the best long-term sustainability outcomes as well as a system that would allow for full reporting on electricity generation and ecological offset. We installed top quality Winaico WST-250P6 modules, and by using Enphase M215 Microinverters we were able to maximise annual production, alleviate shade effects, and provide access to system monitoring and production data."

Enphase technology maximises annual energy harvesting capability at this low inclination, while at the same time ensuring best daily performance despite early morning and late afternoon shade effects.

Going Solar recommended Enphase Microinverters because, unlike string inverters, solar modules could be decoupled so that any shade from structural elements would not impact the entire system's production capability.

Detailed Performance Monitoring

According to Going Solar, powerful, intelligent monitoring is a key requirement of the project. The Australian Conservation Foundation requested a high level of operational transparency for the system to enable granular, module-level monitoring capability in real time.

Enphase's cloud-based Enlighten software allows both the installer and building manager to keep a close eye on system performance and provides remote system diagnostic tools for any cleaning and long-term maintenance requirements. Mr. Sutherland said, "We were able to give ACF peace of mind with the Enphase System, the respected brand name of the highest reliability."

Enphase Enlighten's automatic alerts tell the installer and owner that the system is operating as designed, and safeguard against any unexpected downtime or loss in energy production.

Visit Enphase Energy at All Energy 2014, Melbourne

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