Blue Pillar Launches Power Management Platforms To Enable IoT for the Energy Market

Portfolio expansion includes Aurora® Digital Energy Internet of Things and Avise Foresite™ Centralized Facility Management™ software platforms

Blue Pillar, a leading provider of power and energy management solutions specifically for critical and complex facilities, launched today Aurora® and Avise Foresite™, two energy management software platforms that push the industry forward in a vision for smart, connected, centrally managed and energy-conscious buildings and campuses.

"Keeping the lights on in facilities where bad things happen when the lights go off is a major issue, considering the U.S. economy loses $125 billion dollars annually due to power outages. To make matters worse, energy prices have increased by over 50% in the past 10 years in critical and complex facilities like hospitals and datacenters," said Tom Willie, CEO of Blue Pillar. "Blue Pillar's new platform solutions, supported by additional venture funding, are specifically designed to support these critical facilities in solving these complex problems worldwide."

Highly complex single-site and multi-site facilities, where power is critical to
24X7 operations and the people they serve, are seeking new solutions to protect themselves against an aging infrastructure and workforce, reduce operating and energy costs, all while increasing their energy resiliency and sustainability. Facilities – like hospitals and military bases – running absolutely critical operations cannot afford unreliable energy performance because lives could be put at risk.

The Blue Pillar Solution
Blue Pillar's Aurora®, Avise Insite™ and Avise Foresite™ software solutions
address the most pressing challenges for today's complex and critical facilities. Blue Pillar's suite of connectivity, energy and centralized enterprise facility management solutions empower facility executives to recover value from stranded facility assets and reduce power-loss risk, while improving energy efficiency across multi-site facility systems and facilitate demand response programs.

● Aurora® is a Digital Energy Internet of Things platform that securely connects, controls, and collects data from facility equipment.
● Avise Foresite™ is a Centralized Facility Management software applications
platform allowing multi-site facility operators to centrally manage energy
efficiency, resiliency, capital and local emergency events.
● Both new platforms, coupled with Blue Pillar's professional services, augment Blue Pillar's Avise Insite™ real-time analytics offering, so local facility operators can gain insight into their energy, operations and compliance capabilities within a single complex and critical facility.

"The aging workforce, increased campus consolidation, managing cost pressures and energy efficiency program tracking are requiring a corporate level oversight of energy and operational data in a single platform," said Mike Jude, Research Manager, Frost & Sullivan. "Blue Pillar is the only company with a vendor-agnostic solution that addresses the need today – at both the local and enterprise levels – for critical and complex facilities."

Tenet Healthcare Corporation uses Blue Pillar's solutions to operate 60 facilities across the United States to enhance patient care and safety through better energy management. "Deploying Blue Pillar's solution for Tenet Healthcare's energy fleet helps us minimize overall energy spend, streamline our day-to-day energy management operations and make a meaningful contribution to the stability of the power grid," said Ken Sutherland, Tenet Healthcare Corporation.

A New Vision for Smart Buildings & Centralized Facility Management
Blue Pillar's strategy improves energy and operational efficiency and resiliency within the most complex and critical facilities in the world. Blue Pillar customers have the opportunity to take the first step by leveraging the transformative nature of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and Aurora to establish a vendor agnostic connectivity and data management platform across their footprint. From there, local intelligence at the site level with Avise Insite provides onsite facility, compliance, and energy management personnel with the real-time intelligence to effectively manage their site. Finally, Blue Pillar's centralized facility management strategy with Avise Foresite is leading the industry into a new paradigm for managing multi-site facility systems by harnessing the ability to provide central visualization, analytics and event management across their entire facility footprint.

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